Online Webinar

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 1PM EDT
Securing Active Directory: Proactively Detecting Attacks
-- Presented by TechGenix

Although Active Directory is seasoned and well known, the security set at install, 15 years ago, is still weak, and attackers are using these attack pathways to move laterally and gain privileged access in AD.


The fact is that misconfigurations and privileged attacks can bypass your event logs, SIEM, and AD monitoring solution. To fix these misconfigurations, today and tomorrow, a different tactic is required!


Let 15X MVP, Derek Melber, show you how to detect hidden misconfigurations, attacks and perform threat hunting. Derek will also explain important “need-to-knows”, including:

- Why Active Directory is so easy to attack.
- What attackers are leveraging during attacks.
- Why SIEM & AD Monitoring solutions fail to stop attacks.


Everyone from AD and Security Administrators, to CIOs and Compliance Executives should join this opportunity to learn how to improve the security of your most essential identity and access control - Active Directory!


Derek Melber

Derek Melber is a 15-Time Microsoft MVP in both Active Directory and Group Policy, and Alsid Technical Director for North America. A prolific speaker and educator, he has helped administrators and organizations in over 20 countries better understand Active Directory, Group Policy, Network infrastructure as well as giving guidance on how to make their organizations more efficient and secure.


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