Amazon Honeycode no-code employee onboarding app unveiled

One of the most important — and time-consuming — tasks for any IT pro is setting up employee onboarding systems and procedures. Employee onboarding has become especially more problematic as companies shift to work-from-home systems and hire new employees who don’t come into the office for onboarding or perhaps live far away from headquarters. Amazon may make your task a little easier. Using Amazon Honeycode — Amazon Web Services’ brand-new no-code, low-code productivity solution — you can build an employee onboarding app that suits your business’ needs.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Honeycode employee onboarding app

Amazon makes this easy with a just-released employee onboarding app template. Amazon says the template “includes an app for employees to see their onboarding tasks and a planning app for managers.” The template is just a beginning point: Businesses can customize it for their needs. AWS says that once implemented, the Amazon Honeycode employee onboarding app will help companies “improve the employee onboarding process, monitor the progress of each employee’s onboarding, and make onboarding administration easier.”

More add-ons to come

The Amazon Honeycode employee onboarding app is probably just the first of many add-ons and templates to be used with this new service. AWS unveiled Honeycode in June to throw its hat in the growing no-code, low-code trend. At the launch, Amazon touted Honeycode as an all-purpose solution to “track and manage things like process approvals, event scheduling, customer relationship management, user surveys, to-do lists, and content and inventory tracking.” Using the no-code templates, IT pros and businesses can build complex apps quickly and easily by just selecting options from drop-down menus in the Honeycode App Builder. The App Builder has everything you need to create a professional app, including objects such as lists, buttons, and input fields.

Amazon Honeycode is still in beta, but you can try it for free at the AWS website.

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