Will IPv6 ever kill IPv4? If so, when?

6 hours ago
Mitch Tulloch

IPv6 and its vast pool of Internet address spaces has long been expected to kill off IPv4. But the old…

Another tool for your toolbox: Using Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica

For those who use the Hyper-V replica feature, a tool from Microsoft can help you analyze the infrastructure required to…

11 hours ago

Create a Log Analytics query without using your keyboard (No experience necessary!)

Never created a query in Log Analytics? It’s easy. In the case shown here, it’s so easy you don’t need…

14 hours ago

Can I have your attention: Add PowerShell on-screen alerts to your scripts

While there is no native command for pop-up messages in PowerShell, you can generate PowerShell on-screen alerts and pop-up boxes…

1 day ago

How spammers harvest email addresses — and what you can do about it

Spammers are pretty smart and have thought up many ingenious ways of getting hold of your email address. Is there…

1 day ago

How to create an Azure disaster recovery site using Azure Site Recovery

Here’s how to replicate an application running in one of the Azure regions to another region with just a few…

2 days ago

Cybersecurity assessments and audits: Everything you need to know

Cybersecurity assessments and audits? Cybersecurity assessments or audits? Do you need both? Are these assurance terms interchangeable? Read on.

4 days ago

Managing virtual machine images in Microsoft Azure

The use of up-to-date virtual machine images makes the deployment of new VMs a more straightforward process, as this tutorial…

4 days ago

The cybersecurity 80/20 rule: 5 steps that will repel most attacks

Not all cybersecurity risks are created equal. The cybersecurity 80/20 rule means prioritizing resources toward risks that could cause the…

5 days ago

Is Cisco’s CCIE certification still relevant in today’s IT world? It depends

CCIE certification has been a career-booster for decades. But with the shifting business environment and the changing IT world, is…

5 days ago