PowerShell parameters: Controlling the input of your scripts

10 hours ago
Anderson Patricio

PowerShell has options to control the input and save code from being validated during execution. This tutorial looks at the…

AWS unveils Graviton2, a blazing-fast processor to power its cloud

At its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS had some big news on a new datacenter processor. The Graviton2 has…

14 hours ago

Restoring Microsoft Teams data: A step-by-step guide

Restoring Microsoft Teams data is not simple, given the number of places data is stored. Luckily, the addition of private…

17 hours ago

Raccoon Stealer malware newest business email compromise attack

A simple yet versatile malware called Raccoon Stealer that bypasses anti-spam filters looks like it is going to be a…

1 day ago

Use PowerShell to determine the IP address your VMs are using

Can an admin gain access to a VM’s network configuration details such as the IP address without logging in to…

2 days ago

Datacenter migration using Veeam Backup & Replication: A walkthru

Moving a datacenter doesn't sound easy, but if you use the right tools and follow good procedures, even datacenter migration…

2 days ago

Church’s Chicken company-owned restaurants experience data breach

Another day another data breach. This time it’s the fast-food chain Church’s Chicken, where company-owned restaurants in 11 states were…

2 days ago

Azure Quick Tip: How to export your Automation Runbook

Need to move an Azure Automation Runbook between subscriptions or customers? Here’s an elegant way to do it with Azure…

3 days ago

Docker’s acquisition by Mirantis: What this means for both companies

Docker’s acquisition by cloud solutions vendor Mirantis came as a surprise to many, even considering the well-known financial troubles of…

3 days ago

What 5G technology means for cybersecurity risks

With the tremendous 5G opportunities comes a need to give weight to 5G cybersecurity risks affecting devices, applications, and connections.

3 days ago