Worried about cyberattacks? Blockchain cybersecurity a next-gen weapon

Blockchain is powerful, and blockchain cybersecurity is revolutionary. If implemented properly, it will bring your IT security to the next…

Sukesh Mudrakola

Give it the finger: Pushing back against biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is becoming a fact of life in governments and in the commercial sector. But many say this is…

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Why you — yes you! — need to attend tech conferences

If you’re an IT person but you never attend tech conferences, you are not doing your job to the best…

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Don’t be a victim: 2019 cybersecurity trends SMBs must know about

Cybercriminals have you in their gunsights. But by knowing about these innovative cybersecurity trends, SMBs can avert attacks or minimize…

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What ‘GIFEE’ is, and is it still a reality for Google Cloud?

GIFEE — short for Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else — sounded like a good idea. But with changes atop Google…

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Get better performance and efficiency with storage spaces direct

Microsoft’s storage spaces simplifies the deployment and management of software-defined storage and can boost your system’s performance.

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Bridging online with offline: 5 startups putting the easy in e-commerce

Physical stores that expanded into the digital world have seen incredible results. These startups bridge the gap between e-commerce and…

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Xtreme Podcast: Tech conferences put the ‘pro’ in IT professional

In this week’s Xtreme Podcast: We’re bullish on tech conferences — you should be too. Also, U.S. unhappy about Huawei,…

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Cisco CloudCenter Suite provides improved cloud-management features

Work in a multicloud environment? The new Cisco CloudCenter Suite may be for you. It is an integrated set of…

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Three tips for securing your AWS EC2 instances

Servers running in the AWS cloud need to be secured as well as or better than servers in your datacenter.…

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