Algorithmic trading: Leveraging your IT expertise to play the stock market

8 hours ago
Melissa Burns

If you’re a crackerjack IT pro or, even better, a programmer, you may have some skills needed to try algorithmic trading as a stock-investing strategy.

PowerShell script obfuscation: Fight back against this growing threat

Malware authors are increasingly using PowerShell script obfuscation to try to hack your systems. But there are several ways you…

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Can’t pass the buck: Boards must take charge of enterprise cybersecurity

A company’s board must be responsible for more than the bottom line. As cyberattacks rage, enterprise cybersecurity must be at…

15 hours ago

M2M communication: Changing the society one bit at a time

M2M communication is an information exchange between two machines without human intervention. But when used right, humans will benefit tremendously.

1 day ago

Can the hybrid multicloud approach deliver what it promises?

A comprehensive hybrid multicloud model can enable unprecedented operational agility for legacy applications and accelerate the development of new ones.

2 days ago

Securing and locking down your Azure management groups

The goal when using Azure management groups is to configure it based on your design, and then lock down the…

2 days ago

Use Azure management groups to govern permissions and policies

Azure Management Groups can put your global access controls and policies in a central location. Here’s a step-by-step guide to…

2 days ago

Use Microsoft Flow to reduce everyone’s daily drudgery

We all have paper-pushing tasks even if we don’t use paper anymore. Microsoft Flow is your personal AI tool that…

3 days ago

Top 3 Kubernetes networking tools and how they work

Kubernetes is a hard problem to tackle, but there’s a community of developers to make it easier for us. Case-in-point:…

3 days ago

Privileged accounts: Your Achilles’ heel and a cyberattacker’s best friend

Some companies hand out privileged accounts like they are candy. But privileged accounts can be a welcome mat to hackers…

3 days ago