DevOps best practices: 10 useful tips for a successful implementation

Many companies want to take advantage of DevOps, but not all know how to get started. These tips will guide…

Rahul Sharma

Are you disabling IPv6? Maybe you should stop — and here’s why

Disabling IPv6 is hurting your network more than protecting it. It's time to let go of all those legacy networking…

Amy Babinchak

The 8 most in-demand cybersecurity skills for 2019

Keeping the bad guys out can keep you in a lucrative job. Get these cybersecurity skills and you’ll find employers…

Benjamin Roussey

Xtreme Podcast: Major disconnect — When 24/7 doesn’t add up

Our TechGenix Xtreme Podcast discusses when 24/7 availability becomes a problem and when Office 365 becomes too expensive.

Louise Chalupiak

Cisco shares new offerings for service providers and customers

Cisco unveiled a number of new products, features, and upgrades at its recent Connections 2018 event. Here are some of…

Annie Pilon

DataOps: The next big thing for data-focused businesses

Data is crucial for the everyday operations of most companies. To accommodate this growing need, DataOps has emerged as a…

Sukesh Mudrakola

It’s not that hard: Why soft skills for helpdesk personnel are vital

Yes, your helpdesk personnel must know the technical ins-and-outs of your products. But unless they also have soft skills, customer…

Mitch Tulloch

Is there a right to disconnect? Should there be?

An always-on, always-connected world is filling workers with anxiety, angst, and depression. Should there be a right to disconnect?

Louise Chalupiak

Too many minuses: Google+ demise speeded up

The end of Google+, the tech giant’s little-used social media site, was moved up after another potentially destructive vulnerability was…

Derek Kortepeter

SAP doubles-down on experience management with its Qualtrics buy

SAP has acquired analytics company Qualtrics. The goal for SAS: expanding its CRM capabilities and improving customer experience.

Twain Taylor