Locking down your Exchange server with cipher suites

2 hours ago
Edward van Biljon

Cipher suites are a set of algorithms you need to secure your environment, either by using SSL and TLS. Here’s…

AI cyber risks: What to look out for when deploying AI technology

Artificial intelligence has greatly improved modern life. But businesses must recognize that AI cyber risks exist and take appropriate measures.

18 hours ago

Review: Office 365 synchronizing and administration tool CiraSync

CiraSync offers an enterprise solution for syncing global address list contacts and calendars to smartphones and other mobile devices. Here’s…

23 hours ago

HIPAA IT compliance: Privacy and security rules you must know

HIPAA is the mandatory health regulation that must be followed strictly. But if you’re an IT pro in the health-care…

1 day ago

Exchange in-place upgrade? Sorry, folks, just say no!

An Exchange in-place upgrade would be a dream come true. But if you try it, you will find yourself trapped…

2 days ago

Thinkful educational website experiences data breach

Online learning platform Thinkful just got a lesson in online dangers. The company reported a data breach that affected all…

2 days ago

Unhappy with WSUS? Try these third-party patch management solutions

If you’re not satisfied with Windows Server Update Services for keeping your Windows systems up to date, there are other…

2 days ago

Ransomware response: What to do after an attack

An effective ransomware response is vital in ensuring your organization can resume operations quickly and with little to no loss…

5 days ago

Tortoiseshell hacking group targets U.S. vets with fake hiring website

A hacking group dubbed Tortoiseshell is using a fake website to attack U.S. veterans. Their motives are unclear — which…

5 days ago

IBM expands new quantum computing system for broad use

The future is here: IBM is expanding the world’s largest fleet of quantum computing systems for commercial and research activity.

5 days ago