Use PowerShell to determine the IP address your VMs are using

Can an admin gain access to a VM’s network configuration details such as the IP address without logging in to…

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Azure Quick Tip: How to export your Automation Runbook

Need to move an Azure Automation Runbook between subscriptions or customers? Here’s an elegant way to do it with Azure…

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What 5G technology means for cybersecurity risks

With the tremendous 5G opportunities comes a need to give weight to 5G cybersecurity risks affecting devices, applications, and connections.

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Broken Exchange server? Don’t delete it with ADSIEdit — here’s why

Simply deleting a broken Exchange server using ADSIEdit is quick and easy. But sometimes, quick and easy leads to a…

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Behavior-based security vs. signature-based security: How they differ

Cybersecurity requires several strategies. If you rely mainly on signature-based security, you may want to add behavior-based security to your…

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Azure Tip of the Day: Using local time in your Azure Automation

Time to talk about time. Typically, local time is not important for most Azure Automation tasks. But when it is,…

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The four most internationally significant recent privacy laws

GDPR has been covered endlessly, but it is only one of several recent privacy laws changing the handling of confidential…

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Color-coding PowerShell operating system health reports

PowerShell is great at keeping an eye on operating system health. And with a few commands, you can color-code the…

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Security in a multicloud world: Nine steps to ensure you’re safe

Any shift to a multicloud environment must ensure that security is given a high priority in the planning and execution.…

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WMI or CIM in your PowerShell scripts: Which should you use?

Should you be using WMI in your PowerShell scripts, or is it better to use CIM? The answer is not…

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