Celestix Announces ISA Firewall based SSL VPN Appliances using Microsoft's Intelligent Application Gateway 2007

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Celestix Networks Inc., developer of enterprise class security appliances, today announced the launch of three different models of WSA security appliances based on Microsoft's Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007. These appliances allow network administrators to quickly setup an SSL VPN gateway within 30 minutes to allow for browser-based remote access. Optionally, remote users can install a thin client that allows for the secure transport of a variety of protocols over the Internet. Effectively, remote users can access network resources when away from the office in a secure and effortless manner.

The new WSA series will be based on Celestix's fourth generation Scorpio X appliance platform. The Scorpio X has been finely tuned to provide a compelling price/performance ratio as a Microsoft security hardware platform. WSA appliances will be available in both 1U and 2U form factors; each will support dual-core processors, gigabit Ethernet interfaces, dual-channel DDR2 memory, a 1066 MHz system bus, PCI Express x1 I/O ports, and Serial ATA hard drives.

Software additions to the WSA series include an advanced software update process that allow end customers to apply patches associated with the operating system, IAG 2007, or supported third-parties. In addition, the Last Good Version feature allows customers to restore their configurations back to a known working state. These combined features set a new standard for manageability and ease of use for SSL VPN appliances.

"We are excited to be able to offer appliances integrated with Microsoft's visionary SSL VPN technology to our enterprise customers," said Ravi Lingarkar, CEO of Celestix Networks. "Celestix has worked hard to create aggressive pricing and simplify the deployment so we can offer remote access to SMB and mid-market businesses. At the same time, the platform allows resellers the flexibility to offer diverse value added services to large enterprises."

Initial setup (configuring network adapters, etc.) is simplified with the use of a jog dial and LCD panel -- a requirement in any datacenter. In disaster recovery scenarios, the jog dial can also be used as a one-button rollback mechanism to reset each WSA to a factory default state. In addition, WSA appliances are configured with 6 front-facing network ports to enable multi-netting and ease cable connectivity.

"We are excited about the opportunity with Celestix WSA appliances," stated Mike Schutz, Group Product Manager -- Security and Access, Microsoft Corp. "Celestix also has significant worldwide coverage and will be able to offer IAG-based appliances in Asia Pacific and Europe through their sales channels."

WSA appliances will be deployed to provide access to a variety of applications including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, SAP, and Microsoft SharePoint. These applications can be accessed remotely by users authenticating via Active Directory, RADIUS, two-factor authentication methods (such as RSA SecurID), etc.

Pricing for the new Celestix WSA security appliances range between US$5,995 to US$12,995 list and will be available through either Celestix's distributors or one of their authorized value added resellers. For more information on Celestix Networks' WSA security appliances, visit www.celestix.com/products/iag or contact Celestix Networks at 510.668.0700.

Deb Shinder

Debra Littlejohn Shinder is a technology and security analyst and author specializing in identity, security and cybercrime, utilizing her past experience as a police officer and police academy/criminal justice instructor. She has written numerous books and articles for web and print publications and has been awarded the Microsoft MVP designation for fourteen years in a row.

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