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Citrix Ready workspace hub lets enterprise users manage multiple workstations

Citrix just announced the creation of the Citrix Ready workspace hub, a new device to help enterprise users more seamlessly manage their accounts from various workstations. Here’s a bit more about the new offering and how to make use of it in your own organization.

What is Citrix Ready workspace hub?

The device is a mix of software and hardware, developed in partnership with NComputing and ViewSonic. It uses the Raspberry Pi hardware platform as the foundation for the device. And Citrix provides the functionality of Citrix Casting to allow users to easily access their accounts on different workstations.

What are the benefits of Citrix Ready workspace hub?

The main benefit of the new device is that it gives end users the ability to stay logged onto their enterprise accounts even as they move around to different workstations, using their smartphones as an authentication method. So if a worker has to log onto accounts on various computers throughout the day, like a doctor seeing multiple patients around a hospital or a supervisor collaborating with team members at their workstations, they don’t have to spend the extra time re-logging into their accounts throughout the day. This is all possible because of Citrix Casting.

There are also some other advanced features of the new device. For example, it lets users connect their smartphone with a nearby computer workstation using wireless docking. It can serve as a desk phone replacement using Skype for Business. And it utilizes XenMobile to keep your tech updated with security patches.

How do I use Citrix Ready workspace hub?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new offering, the device is now available through Citrix Ready partners, including NComputing and ViewSonic. The current offering is a basic version of the device. But more advanced features will become available as a technical preview at the end of March. You can also work with a local reseller or Citrix representative to find the best solution for your enterprise.

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