Amazon Web Services

Competing vendors have AWS cloud in their cross-hairs

When you get big, you’ve got a bullseye on your back. AWS cloud is the biggest, and there are a…

11 months ago

Top 10 IAM best practices to stay secure in the AWS cloud

In our fast-growing IT industry, AWS IAM is critical to securing your resources in the AWS cloud. But where do…

12 months ago

Amazon Personalize now available to all AWS users

Amazon Personalize is tool that lets users create customized personalization recommendations for applications — and it’s now available to all…

1 year ago

AWS Security Hub cloud-security tool now generally available

Amazon’s AWS Security Hub cloud-security tool works across all your AWS accounts and integrates with other AWS services and third-party…

1 year ago

Storing and securing your sensitive data in AWS S3

If you’re going to store your sensitive business data in the cloud, you better make sure it’s secure. AWS S3…

1 year ago

First Oracle, now MongoDB: Why AWS keeps divorcing its partners

There’s nothing more temporary than being an Amazon partner, as Oracle has learned. Now AWS has introduced DocumentDB — a…

1 year ago

Three tips for securing your AWS EC2 instances

Servers running in the AWS cloud need to be secured as well as or better than servers in your datacenter.…

1 year ago

GuardDuty and Macie: How to use AWS’s machine learning security tools

While security is a never-ending battle, AWS’s machine learning tools GuardDuty and Macie can help keep your data secure.

1 year ago

AWS Backup simplifies and automates backups for all AWS resources

The new AWS Backup tool from Amazon can help organizations automate their backups and manage them from one central dashboard.

1 year ago

Why getting an AWS certification is important for your career

Sponsored by SimplilearnGetting an AWS certification can help you to stand out among the competition. Not only can it help…

2 years ago