Google Data Catalog metadata management service now in public beta

Google Data Catalog, which allows users to discover, manage, and analyze data within Google Cloud, is now in public beta.…

1 day ago

Using Office 365 DLP policies to protect your precious IT data

Because many breaches come from data leaked from inside your organization, using DLP policies can help by blocking users from…

2 days ago

Amazon Personalize now available to all AWS users

Amazon Personalize is tool that lets users create customized personalization recommendations for applications — and it’s now available to all…

2 days ago

How — and why — to disable Network Watcher using PowerShell

If you want to disable Network Watcher using the Azure Portal, there’s often a messy byproduct. Clean up the mess…

3 days ago

Generating and testing fake data to validate DLP policies in Office 365

You need to find a way to test your DLP policies before implementation — but first you must generate some…

1 week ago

Using Microsoft Azure SendGrid to launch email campaigns

Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based SendGrid delivers 18 billion transactional and marketing-related emails each month. Here’s how you can use this service.

2 weeks ago

AWS Security Hub cloud-security tool now generally available

Amazon’s AWS Security Hub cloud-security tool works across all your AWS accounts and integrates with other AWS services and third-party…

3 weeks ago

Use it or lose it: Removing all Azure resources from your subscription

Removing Azure resources from your subscription is easy using PowerShell. Here’s how to do it — but first make sure…

3 weeks ago

Step-by-step guide: Protecting your cloud email infrastructure

Just because your email has gone to the cloud doesn’t mean that it’s hands-off now. Here’s a step-by-step guide to…

3 weeks ago

Yes you can! Use PowerShell in MacOS to connect to Microsoft Azure

If you are a Mac user, here’s something you may have thought you’d never hear: You can use PowerShell to…

3 weeks ago