Azure AD administrative units: A go-to tool for Microsoft 365 administration

Limiting administrative scope is surprisingly difficult in Microsoft 365. Luckily, Azure AD administrative units can give you the control you…

3 days ago

How Kubernetes enables telcos to make the shift to the 5G networks

Kubernetes is the only solution that is secure enough, robust enough, and mature enough to cope with the complexity of…

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Successful takeaways and lessons learned from Kubernetes failures

Kubernetes is big. Kubernetes is complex. And sometimes this complexity leads to Kubernetes failures. But each fail has a lesson…

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IT deal: Applied Insight buys intelligence firm Bridges

Applied Insight snapped up intelligence firm Bridges in a deal that may make the IT solutions provider a major player…

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Elasticsearch licensing change fuels anger in open-source community

The open-source community is in an uproar over a licensing change for Elasticsearch. Here’s a closer look at this still-raging…

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Azure Security Center: New features and enhancements

Need to improve your security posture management and threat protection? If you’re a Microsoft Azure user, Azure Security Center may…

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The growing role of metadata in Salesforce DevOps

As Salesforce teams become increasingly DevOps-centric, metadata and metadata management solutions are the backbones enabling this shift.

4 weeks ago

Why Salesforce DevOps teams need version control

Version control is an essential part of software development. This is true especially for Salesforce DevOps teams.

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Top open-source CNCF security projects and why they matter—Part 2

In part 2 of our series on CNCF security projects, we look at four additional tools that boost the safety…

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Top open-source CNCF security projects and why they matter—Part 1

Security is crucial as organizations adopt cloud-native technologies. Not surprisingly, the CNCF is leading the charge with a myriad of…

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