Google Cloud

Rocket to the cloud: Anthos speeds Google’s rise in the enterprise market

Anthos is Google’s hybrid and multicloud platform. This platform is cloud-agnostic and has an incredible container-as-a-service foundation.

9 months ago

Secret Manager security service now available for Google Cloud

Secret Manager, new from Google Cloud, is out in in beta. It provides a secure way to store API keys,…

9 months ago

IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud now available

Google Cloud is now offering IBM Power Systems as part of its platform. This is especially good news for anyone…

10 months ago

Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform simplifies continuous delivery

Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform lets you start creating pipelines for continuous delivery with just a couple of clicks.

1 year ago

Google Data Catalog metadata management service now in public beta

Google Data Catalog, which allows users to discover, manage, and analyze data within Google Cloud, is now in public beta.…

1 year ago

Google Cloud, ServiceNow announce new integrations

A new partnership between Google Cloud and ServiceNow makes digital workflows faster and more efficient, especially for IT operations.

2 years ago

New additions to Google Cloud Networking portfolio announced

These new additions to the Google Cloud networking portfolio will help users connect, scale, secure, and modernize their enterprise environments.

2 years ago

Cloud Run solves some common serverless pain points

Cloud Run, a new serverless platform from Google, lets you run stateless HTTP-driven containers while it handles all the infrastructure…

2 years ago

Anthos from Google lets you securely run apps from anywhere

Google has unveiled Anthos, which will allow you to securely run apps from Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, or…

2 years ago

Connecting to your Windows VM instance in Google Cloud Platform

If you are wondering how to connect to your brand-new VM instance that you just created on GCP, wonder no…

2 years ago