Google Cloud

Cloud wars: Why organizations choose Google Cloud over its rivals

Although it still is behind AWS and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud has become the fastest-growing cloud platform. Why? Let’s find…

11 months ago

First look: Handful of new features coming to G Suite

Google’s ever-evolving G Suite has rolled out a number of enhancements and new features. Here’s a look at some you…

1 year ago

New GCP updates announced at Google Next Partner Summit

At its annual Google Next Partner Summit, Google unveiled some key changes that will impact GCP partners and the customers…

1 year ago

Google Cloud Next 2018: Everything you need to know about this mega-event

Google Cloud Next 2018 brought together a diverse gathering of 23,000 tech leaders and tech enthusiasts. Here are the big…

1 year ago

Google Cloud Filestore offers managed cloud storage options for applications

Cloud Filestore, a simple and integrated managed file storage for applications, is the latest addition to Google Cloud Platform.

1 year ago

Top reasons why Google Cloud is the best place for cloud computing newbies

Google Cloud is a great place for beginners in cloud computing to learn the ropes. It provides intelligent defaults, simple…

1 year ago

Google Cloud Platform flexes its muscles in aggressive push for cloud supremacy

Google Cloud Platform is only the third most popular cloud vendor. But with its unique features — and backed by…

1 year ago

Google introduces Asylo framework for confidential computing

Google is rolling out a confidential computing framework called Asylo that gives developers the ability to build portable apps that…

1 year ago

Google announces several new GCP security features

For users of the Google Cloud Platform, there is an array of new products aimed at keeping your systems safe.…

1 year ago

Google’s new collaboration tool: Taking Team Drives for a test drive

Google’s entry into the business collaboration market includes minimalist functionality and some neat bells and whistles. Let’s take Team Drives…

1 year ago