Hybrid Cloud

Optimizing multicloud costs: Three real-world case studies

With the availability of multicloud options, organizations can choose the best cloud solution while optimizing their costs.

1 month ago

Hybrid cloud keeps getting stronger — but why?

Why does the market for hybrid cloud solutions keep growing? And why are more and more companies and organizations opting…

4 months ago

Can the hybrid multicloud approach deliver what it promises?

A comprehensive hybrid multicloud model can enable unprecedented operational agility for legacy applications and accelerate the development of new ones.

10 months ago

What in the world is hybrid VDI? And is it right for you?

Hybrid VDI provides the centralized management benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure to IT while providing the best possible experience for…

10 months ago

Cloud networking: Critical decisions when migrating from on-premises

Going from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud? Handling cloud networking the right way is critical when organizations finally make…

11 months ago

In an era of mega-clouds, blue skies beckon for cloud service providers

As mega-clouds like AWS and Azure grow at a frantic pace, is there a place for new players? Yes —…

1 year ago

Why hybrid cloud is all the rage in cloud computing today

Hybrid cloud is the ideal choice for enterprises that are trying to make a slow migration to the cloud. And…

1 year ago

How IBM cloud is evolving to compete at the next level

Leaving no stone unturned, IBM has introduced Watson Data Platform, OpenWhisk, Grafeas, and more in an effort to reboot its…

1 year ago

Cloudian’s hot ‘hybrid storage’ technology catches investors’ eyes

Enterprise storage provider Cloudian is at the right place at the right time and has attracted interest from investors. Find…

1 year ago

Azure File Sync: Replicating data among file servers

Azure File Sync is an all-purpose tool that we can use for transition, replication of data, backup, disaster recovery —…

2 years ago