Microsoft Azure

Quick take: Using PowerShell split method for Azure scripts

The PowerShell split method can be a handy tool when you are running scripts in Microsoft Azure. Here’s an example…

5 days ago

Quick take: New Azure NSG features, improvements announced

Network security groups are an essential part of Azure. Those using it will be excited by these new NSG features…

5 days ago

How to assign network security groups in Azure using PowerShell

Azure network security groups are essential to protect the traffic in any subnet within a virtual network. Here’s more on…

6 days ago

Microsoft unveils preview version of Azure Dedicated Host

Microsoft’s new Azure Dedicated Host will help organizations run their Linux and Windows virtual machines on single-tenant physical servers.

1 week ago

Azure Blueprints: Building and automating better and faster deployments

Using Azure Blueprints, you can automate the creation of ARM Templates, Azure policies, and RBAC permissions in a single package…

1 week ago

Create a Log Analytics query without using your keyboard (No experience necessary!)

Never created a query in Log Analytics? It’s easy. In the case shown here, it’s so easy you don’t need…

2 weeks ago

How to create an Azure disaster recovery site using Azure Site Recovery

Here’s how to replicate an application running in one of the Azure regions to another region with just a few…

2 weeks ago

Managing virtual machine images in Microsoft Azure

The use of up-to-date virtual machine images makes the deployment of new VMs a more straightforward process, as this tutorial…

2 weeks ago

Assign DNS name to VM in Azure to ensure remote connectivity

Azure lets you assign a DNS name to a server, thereby ensuring a remote connection even if the public IP…

3 weeks ago

Connecting virtual networks in Azure with Microsoft peering

Microsoft peering is the go-to solution for configuring interoperability among your virtual networks in Azure. This guide shows you how…

3 weeks ago