Microsoft Azure

Using location in a consistent way in your ARM template parameters

In this Quick Tip, you see that with location parameters and a variable, we can guarantee that our ARM template…

6 days ago

Logging off and removing WVD user sessions in bulk

You can do a lot through the Azure portal, but you cannot remove or disconnect WVD user sessions in bulk.…

2 weeks ago

Using environment as variables in your Azure DevOps pipelines

When creating Azure DevOps pipelines, label stages with the environment name, and then you can leverage it when defining the…

2 weeks ago

Removing Log Analytics with the soft-delete option

This Azure Quick Tip shows you how to take advantage of soft delete in Log Analytics just in case you…

4 weeks ago

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: Avoid the fresh hell of stale user sessions

This tutorial on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and stale users can help you cut down on helpdesk calls as employees…

4 weeks ago

Using conditions in ARM templates when deploying infrastructure-as-code

This Quick Tip shows you a neat little coding trick that will help you when using ARM templates in your…

4 weeks ago

Using Azure linked templates in your infrastructure-as-code endeavors

Here’s how to make deploying your infrastructure-as-code easier, and dare we say, even elegant, by using Azure linked templates.

1 month ago

Monitor your Azure VM from your mobile device by scanning a QR code

This Quick Tip shows you how to see what’s going on with your Azure VM using the Azure app on…

1 month ago

Switching shells using command line in Cloud Shell

A feature of Cloud Shell is the choice of using PowerShell or Bash. This Azure Quick Tip shows you how…

2 months ago

Using environment variables in ARM templates

There are many of ways to deploy IaC environments from a single source code. This Quick Tip combines parameters and…

2 months ago