Office 365

Solved: Outlook defaults to Microsoft 365 version with Exchange server

An Exchange server with a hybrid connection to Microsoft 365 is usually pretty seamless — until Outlook defaults to the…

2 days ago

Microsoft Search in Microsoft 365: A valuable enterprise search engine

Searching for something specific to your own organization? Google may not find it. The solution? The Microsoft search engine within…

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Teams call quality dashboard: A sound feature you should use

You can boost your workers’ collaboration experience by tweaking Microsoft Teams call quality. This step-by-step guide shows you how to…

3 weeks ago

Review: Azure Active Directory protection solution Cayosoft Guardian

Cayosoft Guardian provides an automated recovery plan to protect Azure Active Directory against mistakes and malicious changes. Here’s our review.

3 weeks ago

Improvements on the verify domain error in Office 365

The verify domain error when registering the same domain in Office 365 to a different tenant now contains useful information…

1 month ago

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365: Everything you need to know

Microsoft has rebranded various products in its Office 365 lineup as Microsoft 365. Here is everything you need to know…

1 month ago

Office 365 backup and recovery solutions: Top 7 choices

Don’t have an Office 365 backup and recovery solution? You are playing with fire. Here are seven applications that do…

2 months ago

Microsoft Teams and Office 365: A marriage made in Redmond

Will Microsoft Teams dominate the market for real-time collaboration tools? And does integration with Office 365 ensure Redmond’s victory in…

3 months ago

Microsoft 365 administration: Configure your admin portal

Microsoft 365 is loaded with configurations, policies, and settings—some obvious, some buried. This Microsoft 365 administration series explores them all.

5 months ago

OneDrive Request Files: A great new alternative to FTP

If you’re still using FTP or are paying for a third-party solution, check out the new OneDrive Request Files feature…

5 months ago