Office 365

Microsoft Teams and Office 365: A marriage made in Redmond

Will Microsoft Teams dominate the market for real-time collaboration tools? And does integration with Office 365 ensure Redmond’s victory in…

1 week ago

Microsoft 365 administration: Configure your admin portal

Microsoft 365 is loaded with configurations, policies, and settings—some obvious, some buried. This Microsoft 365 administration series explores them all.

1 month ago

OneDrive Request Files: A great new alternative to FTP

If you’re still using FTP or are paying for a third-party solution, check out the new OneDrive Request Files feature…

2 months ago

Still using Exchange 2010? Upgrade to Exchange 2016, Hosted Exchange, or Office 365

The clock is ticking. You will have to upgrade Exchange 2010 soon. Here’s three ways to go: Exchange 2016, Hosted…

3 months ago

Introducing Microsoft Graph PowerShell module: A look under the hood

Until recently, there was no easy way to work with the Microsoft Graph API from PowerShell. But the new Microsoft…

3 months ago

Reviewing resumes: How to automate a common HR chore

Reviewing resumes is a necessary but often tedious chore for every HR department. It’s time to use digital transformation to…

3 months ago

Restoring Microsoft Teams data: A step-by-step guide

Restoring Microsoft Teams data is not simple, given the number of places data is stored. Luckily, the addition of private…

4 months ago

Review: CoreView CoreAdmin for Microsoft Office 365

CoreView simplifies the challenging management of Microsoft Office 365 by creating its own management interface. Here’s our review.

7 months ago

Check mailbox auditing status in Exchange Online with PowerShell

Office 365 Exchange Online admins must ensure all mailboxes created in Office 365 have auditing enabled. Here’s how to check…

7 months ago

Recovering Microsoft Teams messages: A step-by-step guide

Recovering Microsoft Teams messages isn’t impossible, but it is a process — a long and manual process. Here’s how to…

7 months ago