CRD in Kubernetes: Powerful boost for an already powerful platform

While Kubernetes is already the No. 1 container orchestration tool, a custom resource definition, or CRD, adds incredible custom features…

6 months ago

Docker’s acquisition by Mirantis: What this means for both companies

Docker’s acquisition by cloud solutions vendor Mirantis came as a surprise to many, even considering the well-known financial troubles of…

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Visual Studio Code for IT pros: Refresh your Docker container skills

Docker and containers are an exciting new frontier for many IP pros. Here’s a primer on how to use Visual…

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Creating Docker images for the IT professional: Initial steps

In this two-part series, you will learn how to create and manage Docker images, a very necessary skill for every…

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Using Dockerfile to create Docker images for the IT pro

In the concluding part of our two-part series on creating Docker images, we fire up Dockerfile, which takes image creation…

7 months ago

Kubernetes 2020: What’s in store for next year and beyond?

In 2019, everyone’s got their eggs in one big Kubernetes basket. And it’s safe to say that Kubernetes 2020 will…

11 months ago

5 ways to improve the network performance of containerized apps

Containerized apps used for development can also lead to performance issues. Let’s look at how to resolve these challenges —…

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How transitioning to container technology boosted these companies

Why are big companies turning to container technology? It’s cost effective, agile, and easy-to-use, thus saving the hassles of complex…

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Top 3 Kubernetes networking tools and how they work

Kubernetes is a hard problem to tackle, but there’s a community of developers to make it easier for us. Case-in-point:…

12 months ago

Docker Enterprise 3.0 introduces new tools for container-based applications

Docker Enterprise 3.0, currently out in public beta, lets developers build container-based multiservice applications right on their desktop.

1 year ago