SOS for SSDs: How to avoid solid-state drives firmware failure

Solid-state drives are great. They're terrific. They're blazing fast. Except when all SSDs suddenly fail at the same time.

2 months ago

Trench Tales: Poor or missing IT documentation can leave you feeling lost

When you assume responsibility for IT at a company and discover their network and IT documentation is poor or missing,…

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Dropbox or Google Drive for your business: A buyer’s guide

Dropbox or Google Drive? Both are among the leaders in cloud storage. But when it comes to your business, which…

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When only a hard reboot will do: Datacenter remote power cycling

Sometimes only a hard reboot can get your datacenter running. These remote management power cycling options may save you a…

4 months ago

Datacenter migration using Veeam Backup & Replication: A walkthru

Moving a datacenter doesn't sound easy, but if you use the right tools and follow good procedures, even datacenter migration…

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Who says configuration management can’t be fun?

Managing change in an enterprise isn’t easy and it’s usually no fun. Here’s a book on configuration management that will…

5 months ago

Sound idea: Protecting your hearing in the datacenter

Now hear this: And you used to think rock music was loud. But have you ever worked in a datacenter?…

5 months ago

CSI: Enterprise Software (Episode 23): Follow the breadcrumbs

Managing software in today’s enterprise is often like working a crime scene. But by following the breadcrumbs, you can keep…

6 months ago

4 ways to prevent data loss — before disaster strikes

Open your eyes: Unforeseen events will happen, and unless you are prepared, your most precious assets may be hit. Take…

8 months ago

Rebuild those old monolithic apps using microservices architecture

Monolithic apps don’t cut it in an age of faster development and speedy rollouts of new updates. Rebuild those old…

9 months ago