Disaster Recovery

Shopping for a backup and disaster recovery solution? Ask these questions

You know your company needs a good backup and disaster recovery solution. But before you sign the contract, make sure…

1 year ago

Top disaster recovery services for businesses of every size

Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for the worst. These disaster recovery services can get you up-and-running after…

2 years ago

Veeam Availability Console offers multi-tenant environment management

The new Veeam Availability Console can help service providers and enterprises manage their customers’ or team members’ Veeam environments.

2 years ago

Looking for a disaster recovery service vendor? Don’t sign that contract until you read this

Signing a contract with a disaster recovery service vendor may be a good idea for your business. But signing a…

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Disaster Recovery as a Service: Get back from the brink with these products

Disaster recovery, as a concept, has been relevant and pertinent ever since the times when businesses adopted information technology solutions.…

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‘Impossible’ dream come true: How to create a multiversion Windows rescue disk

If your environment has multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, here's how you can make a Windows rescue disk you can…

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How to choose the right server backup solution

Backup plans are critical, but the choices -- private server, cloud, hybrid approach -- are daunting. Here’s what to look…

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British Airways IT outage: Lessons you just can't ignore

The recent widespread British Airways IT outage has lessons for all companies. Have a backup plan. And have a backup…

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Do you really need a backup solution? (Don't say 'No')

As you already know, a proper server ecosystem is vital. A backup solution is a necessity to make sure it…

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Dealing with the top 5 enterprise database issues

Businesses rely on databases for storing sensitive data, so securing them is a high priority. Here’s how to stop database…

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