Dell Technologies World 2019: Data protection and management products

Nobody knows better than Dell that today’s torrent of data that businesses face every day means significant data storage, data protection, and data management issues. And at this year’s Dell Technologies World 2019, the tech giant offered up some products and solutions. (In a previous article, we looked at some data storage innovations the company unveiled at Dell Technologies World in the form of Dell EMC Unity XT, all new EMC PowerMax and ISILON.) Let’s look at the data protection and data management products Dell unveiled at its big tech trade show.

Dell says that most of its customers are having a hard time managing this growing data. With data generation increasing exponentially, organizations are having a tough time extracting business value out of it. The complexity, inefficiency, and difficulties in analyzing this flood of data is one the most vexing problems faced by every company irrespective of its size or industry.

To address these issues, Dell has come up with an all-new data management software platform as well as a multidimensional data management appliance. The company says that these two solutions are meant to help both midsized companies and enterprises to completely transform their data protection strategies while extracting valuable insights for their businesses.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform

EMC PowerProtect Software platform is the company’s newest software offering meant for data protection and management. It is a one-stop software solution that Dell says will ensure that companies can maintain data safety and availability.

PowerProtect can be easily deployed on any hardware and comes with the flexibility to protect, manage and recover data. PowerProtect also provides data owners with the freedom to perform data backup and recovery options from their native applications. Moreover, it also provides central governance for all of your data, which could benefit various organizations with their own data policies.

Some of the other interesting features offered by Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform are:

  • Ease of deployment and usage
  • Dashboard
  • Protection controls
  • Managing data copies
  • Data validation
  • Workload coverage and protection
  • Disaster recovery

As with the other products and services launched at Dell Technologies World, the PowerProtect software platform was built with multicloud environments in mind. Accordingly, it is multicloud optimized and allows its users to send data directly to any of the cloud services with no additional costs. EMC PowerProtect software runs on SaaS-based management allowing users to handle and troubleshoot their distributed environments, even remotely. The company also promises that the software platform is futureproof and will provide users with modern services-based architecture to meet customer needs.

Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 appliance

Dell also launched a hardware appliance to provide data protection and management abilities to the consumer in the form of EMC PowerProtect X400. X400 is a multidimensional integrated data management appliance meant to handle the growing data explosion in organizations.

What makes the PowerProtect X400 unique is its multidimensional abilities, which helps the customers scale-out and scale-up to handle ever-growing data needs. The device can scale-out with linear performance while increasing the capacity. It can also scale-up with grow-in-place capacity, thanks to the inclusion of additional scale-out cubes for better performance.

The X400 comes with a machine learning-powered load-balancer to deliver optimal performance and deduplication. On top of the hybrid variant, X400 also comes in an all-flash variant, which makes it the first of its kind. Dell says that with the flash variant of X400, organizations can get the level of performance they need to handle data with efficiency.

The hybrid variant of X400 comes with a usable capacity from 64TB to 384TB whereas the all-flash variant offers 64TB to 448TB. Dell has also promised to offer ProSupport, ProDeploy, and financial services to all its customers. More information about the PowerProtect X400 can be found out here.

All the services and products launched at Dell Technologies World are integrated with the Dell ecosystem. The company also launched its cloud-based EMC services to extend their services while having integration with their other appliances.

And some IDPA announcements  at Dell Technologies World

Apart from these services and the new appliance, Dell also made some important announcements about its Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) portfolio. The company also affirmed that it is extending its IDPA portfolio. Dell has announced an 8TB capacity option for its IDPA DP4400 to catch up with the market’s pace.

Images: Dell

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