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Exchange Legacy API Scanner for Mail-Enabled Apps

Microsoft Exchange Server has a long history of creating APIs that administrators can use to extend and integrate applications with Exchange. Some Exchange programming technologies that are available in versions of Exchange earlier than Exchange 2010 are now obsolete and have been replaced with other technologies. However, it is not always clear which API is used in an application to communicate with Exchange. Under certain circumstances, it might not even be clear which application in a company network interact with Exchange, which makes a transition to Exchange 2010/2013 difficult.

The Exchange Legacy API Scanner project aims to help administrators identify applications which interact with Exchange using API which are deemphasized or obsolete in Exchange 2010.

Currently, the scanner finds these types of dependencies:

  • Organization wide: Exchange store Event sinks on public and private folders as well as globally registered event sinks;
  • Server wide: Event bindings on a locally installed SMTP Server (i.e. ISMTP_OnArrival) and DLL Dependencies for ExOleDB, CDO, CDOEx and MAPI.
Nuno Mota

Nuno Mota is an Exchange MVP working as a Microsoft Messaging Specialist for a financial institution. He is passionate about Exchange, Lync, Active Directory, PowerShell, and Security. Besides writing his personal Exchange blog,, he regularly participates in the Exchange TechNet forums and is the author of the book “Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability.”

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