Anthos from Google lets you securely run apps from anywhere

Google recently unveiled Anthos, a new open platform from Google Cloud that lets you securely run apps from anywhere. Now generally available, Anthos offers hybrid functionality, and is available on Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, and in your datacenter using GKE On-Prem.

Here’s more about the tool and how it can benefit IT pros and organizations.

About Anthos

Anthos embraces open standards, so you can run unmodified applications using your existing on-premises hardware or using public cloud applications. In addition, you can manage workloads that you have running on third-party clouds. So if you already have applications running on AWS or Azure, you can deploy, run, and manage them on the cloud of your choice without having to switch out or learn new environments or API processes.

The software-based solution lets you set everything up quickly and run it on your existing hardware without a forced stack refresh. You can also get new feature updates and security patches from Kubernetes automatically and modernize at any point by taking advantage of the platform’s open APIs.

About Anthos Migrate

Google also announced a beta version of Anthos Migrate. The tool auto-migrates VMs from clouds or on-premises environments directly into containers within GKE. It’s basically meant to help organizations modernize infrastructures through migration. If you want to take advantage of GKE capabilities, you can quickly and easily move your VMs or applications without undertaking time-consuming modifications upfront.

Anthos integrations

Cisco has agreed to deliver hybrid capabilities to enterprise customers using Anthos. It will work with Cisco’s datacenter and technologies like Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco ACI, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, and Cisco SD-WAN. This gives organizations the ability to take advantage of the new service along with Cisco’s infrastructure capabilities.

VMware, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, and Lenovo have also signed on to deliver Anthos on their hyperconverged infrastructures. Mutual customers can validate Anthos on their solution stacks and choose hardware that fits their specific needs.

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