Road map for the ‘new normal’: Interview with BitTitan’s Geeman Yip

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new normal of remote work. Geeman Yip, CEO of BitTitan, has advice on…

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Digital transformation and financial services: Banking on emerging tech

How can financial services industries catch up with emerging technologies and embrace the growing trend toward digital transformation?

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Service management and collaboration tools for secure remote work

To implement a secure, resilient remote work solution in response to coronavirus, it’s crucial to use the right service management…

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Email archiving for small and midsized businesses: A conversation with MailStore’s Kristina Waldhecker

In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment, email archiving should be more than just an afterthought for small and midsized businesses.

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Implementing high availability for Microsoft SQL Server running on Linux

High availability is essential for business workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server. And now this is straightforward even when you…

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What to do when your boss is clueless about digital transformation

Digital transformation can be difficult for your company if the boss is clueless about the latest developments in technology.

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Interested in a health-care IT career? Skills you need to have

Like many sectors, health care is being disrupted by technology. If a health-care IT career sounds appealing, here’s an expert’s…

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Feel grounded by your mainframe? You can still soar to the cloud

Here’s how businesses or organizations that have relied until now upon legacy mainframe platforms can leverage the power of the…

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Network monitoring in a hybrid world: Talking with SolarWinds’ Chris O’Brien

As businesses mix cloud services with on-premises hardware and software, network monitoring becomes more crucial — and more difficult.

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Brexit: How tech companies can prepare for this world-changing event

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) isn’t the only thing that’s been worrying tech companies recently. Also looming…

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