Control your business data: Managing the unmanaged mobile devices

Can we allow companies to control their business data while allowing employees to access that data on their personal mobile…

3 months ago

U.S.-China trade war fallout: Google cuts off Huawei’s access to Android

Google has cut off Huawei from access to its Android operating system. What does this mean for users of the…

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Right to repair: If it’s broke, you ain’t gonna fix it

Right to repair sounds like a great idea for reducing the tsunami of tech waste drowning us. But every yingie…

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A perfect 10? In-depth look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones

Samsung has a lot riding on its new smartphones in the Galaxy S10 line. Do the devices deliver on their…

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Up around the bend: Are foldable phones the next big thing?

With smartphone sales falling, tech companies are looking to spice things up with new innovations and designs. But will foldable…

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2019 smartphones: Faster, smarter, sleeker — and more expensive

2019 smartphones will offer better cameras, 5G connections, and mind-bending styles — if you like an expensive phone that folds.…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Everything you need to know

The 2018 smartphone wars are off and running. First out of the shoot: Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy S9 and S9+. Let’s…

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New iPhones: Has Apple jumped the shark?

A warning to Apple fanboys (and fangirls) who hate any criticisms of the tech giant and its iPhones: You may…

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Google and HTC: Behind the $1.1 billion smartphone deal

The partnership between Google and HTC means the search giant is doubling-down on its goal of hardware innovation and building…

3 years ago

Samsung enters the enterprise with its Galaxy S8 with DeX

Samsung has released DeX, bringing the desktop experience to your smartphone.

3 years ago