Deployment & Migration

Trench Tales: When you really need to retire that messaging platform

That old messaging platform has served you well, but maybe it’s time to move on. Migrating to a new one…

6 months ago

Exchange in-place upgrade? Sorry, folks, just say no!

An Exchange in-place upgrade would be a dream come true. But if you try it, you will find yourself trapped…

10 months ago

Exchange migration: Minimal hybrid vs. full hybrid — which is right for you?

Is there a migration from on-prem Exchange to Office 365 in your 2019 plans? Will you go full hybrid or…

2 years ago

Deploying Exchange 2019 on Windows Server 2016 core in Azure

Hosting email on Exchange 2019 lets organizations retain complete control of their email environments. Here’s how to deploy Exchange 2019…

2 years ago

Understanding Office 365 Exchange Online migration endpoints

Exchange Online migration endpoints allow Office 365 to communicate with an on-premises Exchange environment to extract and migrate data.

2 years ago

Evolution of Exchange Online migrations: Hybrid deployment

Exchange Online migrations have improved significantly in just a few years. Let’s look at how Exchange hybrid deployment migration option…

3 years ago

Automating Exchange Server 2016 deployment: Configure the network portion

Here is a script that can help administrators configure the network portion and automate Exchange Server 2016 deployment.

3 years ago

Under the hood: Microsoft Exchange 2016 deployment architecture

Exchange Server 2016 brings with it significant changes in its deployment architecture. Here’s a look the newest version of the…

3 years ago

Removing an Exchange Server Mailbox from your environment

The process to remove Exchange Server from an Exchange Organization on-premises.

3 years ago

How to deploy Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft Exchange 2016 has ushered in a new era for the world of Exchange Server. Though it's not a new…

4 years ago