Windows Networking

Trench Tales: Restructuring a legacy network with a VLAN

GDPR is having an impact even on how networks are designed. Here’s a story of one IT admin who introduced…

3 weeks ago

Is SD-WAN going to replace MPLS?

SD-WAN is frequently touted as a solution that will eventually replace MPLS everywhere. But is this a realistic assessment?

4 weeks ago

Unhappy with WSUS? Try these third-party patch management solutions

If you’re not satisfied with Windows Server Update Services for keeping your Windows systems up to date, there are other…

2 months ago

Will IPv6 ever kill IPv4? If so, when?

IPv6 and its vast pool of Internet address spaces has long been expected to kill off IPv4. But the old…

4 months ago

Validate your infrastructure with Pester — and avoid a PowerShell disaster

You know what that PowerShell script is intended to do, but are there any unintended consequences? Pester will tell you…

4 months ago

One-off vs. integrated IT tools: Which is best for management?

Is it better to use an integrated stack of IT tools for administering your systems? Or can you get by…

4 months ago

Remote connectivity solutions: Doing RDP sans Microsoft

There is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) solution built into Windows. But it’s not your only remote connectivity option. Here’s…

5 months ago

Easy on the eyes: Creating HTML reports using PowerShell

Comma Separated Value (CSV) reports you can open in Excel are so old school. Why not use PowerShell to create…

5 months ago

Digging deeper into Hybrid VDI: Desktop management and device drivers

Hybrid VDI is all about providing device driver isolation strategies to simplify your Windows management desktop. Here is a closer…

5 months ago

Crash and burn: Why do large IT projects fail so often?

You’ve planned, you’ve analyzed, you’ve tested. But your large IT projects still fail. Why does this keep happening? And what…

6 months ago