Daily user management tasks made easy for every Linux administrator

In this article, we will be going over some tasks that a Linux administrator may need to perform daily related…

4 weeks ago

NAKIVO 9.0 extends VM backup & replication service to Windows Server

NAKIVO has improved its already robust backup and recovery solution for virtual machines with version 9.0, which supports Windows Server.

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Diagnosing common Windows problems with PowerShell troubleshooting packs

Windows has a lot of built-in troubleshooting packs that can help you diagnose problems. Here’s how to unleash these tools…

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Linux Certified System Administrator exam: User and group management

The Linux Certified System Administrator exam can be an important career step. Here’s a close look at what is covered…

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Recovering your root password in a Red Hat OS base Linux

Can’t remember your root password in a Red Hat OS base Linux? No worries. Here’s how to recover it quickly…

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Windows Terminal offers helpful features for command-line users

Get your geek on! A new Windows Terminal application for command-line users includes tons of new features requested by community…

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Always On VPN configuration in Windows 10 using Microsoft Intune

If your organization is looking for advanced security features and modern management support, Windows 10 Always On VPN is something…

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Make it work: Preparing Windows 10 deployment for Sysprep

If you use Sysprep to generalize a Windows 10 deployment, you will likely run into errors. Here’s what you can…

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Windows universal drivers: A great idea whose time has (almost) come

Windows 10 is loaded with new features — and a bunch of legacy artifacts. Universal drivers may be the solution…

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‘Free’ Windows 10 upgrade: Could this be a honey trap set by Microsoft?

Windows 7 end of life is approaching and with it comes the temptation to take advantage of the free Windows…

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