Windows 10

Windows universal drivers: A great idea whose time has (almost) come

Windows 10 is loaded with new features — and a bunch of legacy artifacts. Universal drivers may be the solution…

1 week ago

‘Free’ Windows 10 upgrade: Could this be a honeytrap set by Microsoft?

Windows 7 end of life is approaching and with it comes the temptation to take advantage of the free Windows…

1 week ago

5 Windows 10 features you probably don’t know about — but should

We get a comfort level in using Windows and stop looking for anything new. But these Windows 10 features are…

3 weeks ago

Riding the Windows lifecycle without falling off: Are you supported?

Having released a surfeit of Windows 10 versions, Microsoft has left us confused about which are supported. Let’s untangle the…

2 months ago

Windows Core OS: What it is — and is it the future of Windows?

A unified Windows operating system across all devices can be a big boost for the future of connected devices. Will…

3 months ago

Keep Windows 10 updated with Delivery Optimization

Want to make Windows Update more reliable and use less bandwidth? Delivery Optimization — a feature you may have never…

3 months ago

Windows 10 upgrade — black screen, lonely mouse pointer, no joy

It’s 2019, so your next Windows 10 upgrade will go flawlessly with no problems. Yeah, sure. Here’s a look at…

3 months ago

Windows 10 storage spaces — A comprehensive guide

Windows 10 storage spaces is a technology that protects your data from drive failures. It is similar to RAID, except…

5 months ago

Opportunity or waste of time: Is it worth it being a Windows Insider?

Microsoft’s Windows Insider program lets businesses explore new Windows features before they are rolled out. Great, right? Maybe not.

5 months ago

Windows 10 upgrade mystery: Where’d my disk space go?

Wherein the mysterious disappearance of disk space after a Windows 10 version upgrade leads to finding some tools for investigating…

6 months ago