Review: IT Pro Challenges All Access Pass

IT pros who don’t advance their skills will fall behind. IT Pro Challenges is a training program aimed at keeping…

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Review: Windows workplace security solution PolicyPak

Group Policy, used for locking down Windows machines in corporate environments for years, is showing its age. Enter PolicyPak. Here’s…

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Review: Enterprise-grade backup application Vembu BDR Suite 4.0.0

Vembu BDR Suite is an enterprise-grade backup application designed to work in both VMware and Hyper-V environments. Here’s our review.

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Review: Application performance troubleshooting tool eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is an application performance tool that makes troubleshooting — and fixing — problems easier. Here’s our review.

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Review: NoSQL database RavenDB

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Review: Software-defined storage platform DataCore

DataCore provides a flexible software-defined storage platform designed to help organizations to get a handle on their storage. Here’s our…

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Review of Specops Password Policy

Specops Password Policy is a tool for enforcing the use of strong and secure passwords. Here’s our review of this…

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Specops uReset Review

Specops uReset is a self-service password reset solution that lets users reset passwords in the same secure way as login…

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Specops Authentication for Office 365 Review

Specops Authentication for Office 365 offers a simple and automated approach to Office 365 user management and authentication. Here’s our…

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Review of SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor is aimed at helping organizations keep their applications running smoothly. Here’s our in-depth review.

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