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Twitter patches security issue for Android app, users urged to update

Twitter is warning users about an exploitable security issue in its Android app. The app has been patched — and…

4 weeks ago

Facebook patches WhatsApp remote code execution vulnerability

Facebook found and patched a vulnerability in its WhatsApp service. While Facebook says no users were compromised, the event is…

2 months ago

Lockwise: Mozilla’s better Firefox password manager — or is it?

Mozilla is rebranding and overhauling its Firefox password protection service into something called Lockwise. Are its motives entirely pure?

8 months ago

5 identity management startups grabbing attention — and funding

The global identity management system market is growing at an astounding rate. These five startups are vying for a piece…

9 months ago

It’s not just you: Avoiding third-party security vulnerabilities

Even a robust security strategy may leave an opening for attackers: Third-party security vulnerabilities are not often considered, but they…

10 months ago

Google introduces Adiantum encryption for Android devices

If AES encryption is not supported by your Android device, Google’s new Adiantum encryption may be your best bet to…

11 months ago

Rethinking how we authenticate: Continuous authentication for continuous security

Traditional ways of authentication no longer ensure effective security. For sufficient security at home and at work, continuous authentication is…

11 months ago

Give it the finger: Pushing back against biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is becoming a fact of life in governments and in the commercial sector. But many say this is…

11 months ago

DHS issues emergency directive about DNS hijacking attacks

The Department of Homeland Security has raised an alert about an influx of DNS hijacking and described countermeasures for federal…

12 months ago

Review of Specops Password Policy

Specops Password Policy is a tool for enforcing the use of strong and secure passwords. Here’s our review of this…

1 year ago