Biometrics authentication: Where the technology is now — and where it’s going

As cyberthreats rise in number and complexity, biometrics authentication technology has seen rapid adoption and growing acceptance by the public.

37 mins ago

Remote work vulnerabilities: Tips on avoiding a nightmare scenario

Remote work is likely to remain permanent — and so will the vulnerabilities it brings with it. Security must adapt…

6 hours ago

Got cybersecurity tools? Good. Got too many? That may be a problem

Strength in numbers may not apply to cybersecurity tools. In fact, using too many tools may hinder a company’s ability…

3 days ago

Hakbit ransomware campaign targeting specific European countries

The newly uncovered Hakbit ransomware campaign spread via spear-phishing emails may indicate a shift in the attack methodology of cybercriminals.

1 week ago

Credential stuffing: Everything you need to know to avoid being a victim

Credential stuffing is yet another weapon being used by cybercriminals. Here’s what credential stuffing is — and how you can…

1 week ago

Google Chrome browser extensions targeted by massive spying campaign

Researchers have found a spying campaign using malicious Chrome browser extensions to hit several industries, including financial services and health…

2 weeks ago

Shadow IT returns with a vengeance during COVID-19

Like the sequel to a bad horror movie, Shadow IT has returned with a vengeance because of COVID-19. Should businesses…

2 weeks ago

Cisco Webex macOS critical vulnerability discovered and patched

A critical vulnerability in the macOS version of the popular Cisco Webex video conferencing app has been found, but thankfully…

2 weeks ago

Integrating Azure MFA with Always On VPN for better security

Cybercriminals never rest, and neither should you. This step-by-step guide shows you how Azure MFA can be integrated with Always…

2 weeks ago

Zoom bows to activists, enables end-to-end encryption for all

Zoom turned a major privacy faux-pas around thanks to activist pressure and has agreed to enable end-to-end encryption for all…

3 weeks ago