8 tips for protecting online privacy and maintaining anonymity

In protecting online privacy, the actions you take are far more important than any legal framework that could be put…

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Cryptomining arrest only the start of problems for these nuke plant workers

Cryptomining on the job behind the boss’s back is bad enough, but when the employees work in a nuclear power…

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Does it make sense to purchase a lifetime VPN subscription?

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Great year for hackers: Top 2019 data breaches so far

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Lyceum hacker group targeting Middle East energy sector

A new threat group dubbed Lyceum is attacking “sectors of strategic national importance” in the Middle East. It is unclear…

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Convicted cybercrime bank scammer ‘Prezzi’ gets prison sentence

The bank scammer known as “Prezzi” can think long and hard about the damage he has done. He has been…

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Got remote workers? 8 telecommuting technology risks you must know

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Emotet botnet reappears, and it may be more deadly than ever

The information-stealing botnet Emotet is back after a short hiatus. Here’s why InfoSec researchers are concerned — and you should…

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Apple patches iOS jailbreaking vulnerability — again

Apple thought a recent patch put its worries about iOS jailbreaking vulnerabilities behind it. But they had to revisit the…

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8 building blocks of a world-class, privacy-friendly website

You can create a strong foundation of trust with your visitors and customers by developing and enforcing a privacy-friendly website.

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