Google hikes payouts on Chrome bug-bounty program

In an attempt to make its products safer, Google is enticing the best and brightest with higher payouts in its…

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7 recent acquisitions in the IT security space — and why they happened

Companies that have proven cybersecurity tools and solutions are hot commodities, as these seven IT security acquisitions clearly show.

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An IT pro’s guide to the most widely used IT frameworks and standards

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Prepare for the inevitable: Incident response plan to phishing attacks

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Identity and access management best practices to keep your data safe

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Got kids? These 10 cybersafety tips will keep them more secure

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Silex — a malware created by teens — bricks IoT devices

A new malware dubbed Silex renders IoT devices useless — and it wasn’t created by experienced hackers. It was unleashed…

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Secure databases in complex backend systems with these 5 best practices

Boosting cybersecurity often starts with secure databases. Here are a few best practices that can help you lock down your…

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OSX/Linker: New zero-day malware targets Mac devices

The cloak of invulnerability Mac users feel protects them from malware is torn again. OSX/Linker is a zero-day that attacks…

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Cisco issues critical patches for Data Center Network Manager

According to multiple security advisories from Cisco, two critical patches were released for vulnerabilities in the Data Center Network Manager.…

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