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Category: Security

ePrivacy Regulation: Seven critical areas the proposed law targets

The EU’s ePrivacy Regulation is facing obstacles and opposition, but it is expected to take effect soon. Here’s what you…

Ad infinitum: Ad blocking tips to ease the advertising overload

Feeling overwhelmed with ads or hidden trackers when you browse the web? Ad blocking using a custom HOSTS file may…

You will be hit: Your small business guide for preparing a cyberattack response plan

For cybercriminals small or medium-sized businesses are as attractive targets as giant enterprises. This is why you must have a…

Lawmaker formally petitions U.S. government to stop using Adobe Flash

It’s not only businesses and individuals that are getting fed up with Adobe Flash. A U.S. senator wants the government…

Parasite HTTP RAT is newest Dark Web malware threat

While its appearance in the wild has been minimal, Parasite HTTP is poised to cause many issues for cybersecurity divisions…

Shipping giant COSCO brutalized by ransomware attack

A still-unknown type of ransomware has caused major problems for COSCO, one of the United States’ top shipping companies.

‘Incredibly sensitive documents’ about automakers leaked by faulty backup

Major automakers are figuring out the consequences and repercussions after suffering an embarrassing data leak caused by a faulty backup.

Move over, ransomware: Cryptominer malware now ‘No. 1 threat’

Ransomware is no longer king of the castle in terms of most used cyberattacks. That "honor" is now reserved for…

MoneyTaker strikes again: Notorious hackers steal $1 million from Russian PIR Bank

Cybercriminal collective MoneyTaker has caused more grief for financial institutions in Russia. This time it was a huge payday.

Oracle Critical Patch Update for July targets record number of vulnerabilities

The Oracle Critical Patch Update for July targets an incredible 334 vulnerabilities, many of them classified as critical.