Norwegian Cruise Line experiences data breach of travel agents records

Travel agents who have worked with Norwegian Cruise Line should take note. Your information is now being used by cybercriminals.

1 day ago

Got remote workers? 8 telecommuting technology risks you must know

In technology, what you don’t know will come back to bite you. That’s why you should be aware of these…

3 days ago

World Health Organization targeted in cyberespionage attack

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the global fight against COVID-19, must divert resources to fight off a…

3 days ago

Trend Micro patches critical vulnerabilities for Apex One and OfficeScan

Trend Micro has found and patched numerous high-to-critical vulnerabilities for two of its products, according to a security bulletin on…

5 days ago

5 types of application security tools to protect against cyberattacks

To stay protected against ever-changing threats and increasingly devastating cyberattacks, consider application security tools from these five categories.

1 week ago

How businesses must respond to the cybersecurity skill gap

The scale of the cybersecurity skill gap notwithstanding, organizations must use different human resource strategies to ensure they survive a…

3 weeks ago

Security gap analysis: Four-step guide to find and fix vulnerabilities

A gap analysis may be a common assessment, but it must be carried out correctly to realize the full benefits.…

3 weeks ago

Ransomware recap: Welcome to the never-ending nightmare

A new report confirms what many companies and individuals learned firsthand — ransomware was a nightmare in 2019. What does…

4 weeks ago

New Mexico sues Google for violating privacy of minors

New Mexico is suing Google for alleged privacy violations against minors, specifically that it uses its Google Education program to…

1 month ago

Cybersecurity 101: Close the door on open network shares

If you have open network shares on your network, you are opening the door to cybersecurity risks. Use PowerShell to…

1 month ago