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Category: Security

A boost for anonymity: Tor browser for Android unveiled

The Tor browser, a staple for desktop Internet users who want to remain anonymous, is finally available in an alpha…

Severe zero-day exploit found in NUUO CCTV cameras

NUUO CCTV cameras are facing a serious security incident thanks to a one-two punch of a backdoor and buffer overflow…

6 exciting activity ideas for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is more relevant today than it’s ever been. It won’t have much impact though if employees do…

Fax hack? Why old tech is getting renewed interest from cybercriminals

It may not be cutting-edge technology anymore, but fax machines and other legacy tech are increasingly in the crosshairs of…

Microsoft Patch Tuesday has fix for current exploited vulnerability

Microsoft Patch Tuesday always has important vulnerability fixes, and this latest version of the monthly event is one you cannot…

5 reasons InfoSec training must be part of employee induction programs

Companies often do not give sufficient weight to new employee InfoSec training especially as part of their induction programs.

Android kiosk mode: Google’s new mobile device enterprise strategy

Some businesses have avoided mobile devices over worries about security and distracted employees. Android Kiosks may be the answer.

Misconfigured MongoDB account puts 200,000 files at risk

A huge misconfiguration mistake allowed anyone with Internet access to get their hands on important data within a MongoDB.

Firefox Nightly, other browsers, take aim at Symantec certificates

Symantec certificates are now the scourge of the tech world for good reason. See what Silicon Valley is doing to…

SIM swapping attacks on the rise

The crime of SIM swapping is not new, but it has experienced a sudden wave of activity over the past…