Compliance & Privacy

GDPR two years later: Many successes, but challenges remain

It’s been 2½ years since the GDPR went into effect. While most businesses have adapted to the requirements, there are…

4 days ago

PRISM and privacy: Ways to avoid being spied on by the government

The NSA’s PRISM program can be a blank check for the government to see everything you do online. But there…

4 days ago

Data lifecycle management: Policies and procedures for security and compliance

With the amount of electronic information consistently growing, data lifecycle management is crucial for compliance and information governance.

3 months ago

Information governance: Why you need it, how to do it

Information governance is crucial, not only for compliance and legal reasons, but to maintain data security and to benefit from…

3 months ago

How to monitor remote workers without invading their privacy

Even in the post-COVID world, more employees will be working from home. Can businesses monitor their remote workers without compromising…

3 months ago

Remote working, compliance, and security: Building a layered defense stack

Remote working is the new normal, and with it comes challenges of compliance and security for IT pros tasked with…

4 months ago

Reports say eBay port scanning incoming visitors. Why?

According to several reports, eBay may be port scanning visitors to its site. While this is probably not illegal, it…

5 months ago

Compliance never sleeps: Data security concerns of remote working

In the rush to ensure remote working, data security issues may crop up in unintended ways. But even a pandemic…

6 months ago

Remote working: 10 steps to making it more secure

Remote working is one thing, but doing it securely is another — and this has become more critical than ever…

6 months ago

Security gap analysis: Four-step guide to find and fix vulnerabilities

A gap analysis may be a common assessment, but it must be carried out correctly to realize the full benefits.…

8 months ago