Compliance & Privacy

COBIT 2019: An effective governance framework for IT pros

Every business with IT as part of its foundation needs a comprehensive governance strategy. This is where COBIT 2019 comes…

10 hours ago

HIPAA IT compliance: Privacy and security rules you must know

HIPAA is the mandatory health regulation that must be followed strictly. But if you’re an IT pro in the health-care…

1 week ago

Thinkful educational website experiences data breach

Online learning platform Thinkful just got a lesson in online dangers. The company reported a data breach that affected all…

1 week ago

Online lead generation, conversion, and retargeting in the age of GDPR

The new and sometimes arcane GDPR lead generation requirements are forcing changes in the way businesses generate, convert, and retarget…

3 weeks ago

An overview of PCI DSS and a guide to compliance

PCI DSS is the globally recognized security standard for any business that processes credit card payments. Are you in compliance…

4 weeks ago

Privacy-by-design principles: Getting it right from the start

Embedding privacy-by-design principles in the building and design of a business, website, application, product, or tool is a good thing…

1 month ago

8 tips for protecting online privacy and maintaining anonymity

In protecting online privacy, the actions you take are far more important than any legal framework that could be put…

1 month ago

8 building blocks of a world-class, privacy-friendly website

You can create a strong foundation of trust with your visitors and customers by developing and enforcing a privacy-friendly website.

2 months ago

Solving common compliance challenges with an effective compliance plan

Staying compliant with a torrent of new and changing regulations is a challenge. An effective compliance plan will get you…

2 months ago

Cybersecurity assessments and audits: Everything you need to know

Cybersecurity assessments and audits? Cybersecurity assessments or audits? Do you need both? Are these assurance terms interchangeable? Read on.

2 months ago