Compliance & Privacy

Solving common compliance challenges with an effective compliance plan

Staying compliant with a torrent of new and changing regulations is a challenge. An effective compliance plan will get you…

1 week ago

Cybersecurity assessments and audits: Everything you need to know

Cybersecurity assessments and audits? Cybersecurity assessments or audits? Do you need both? Are these assurance terms interchangeable? Read on.

2 weeks ago

Equifax to pay $671M to settle massive 2017 data breach mess

Equifax has agreed to a $671 million settlement deal to compensate customers who were victims of the company’s massive 2017…

1 month ago

Got kids? These 10 cybersafety tips will keep them more secure

IT pros know how hard it is to ward off online dangers. And if you’re a parent, the stakes are…

2 months ago

A win for privacy: Tor Project releases Android browser full version

Privacy-minded Android users have a lot to be excited about with the new Tor browser release. Here’s more about the…

3 months ago

Password management best practices every SMB must follow

Hacks and data breaches cost the global economy dearly in 2018. The losses are estimated to reach a staggering $6…

3 months ago

Google faces probe for GDPR data protection violations

In what may be a landmark case, Google faces a hefty fine if it is found guilty of violating GDPR…

3 months ago

Forbes hit by Magecart payment card skimming attack

The cybercriminals behind the Magecart payment card skimming hacks are at it again, and this time the venerable publication Forbes…

3 months ago

Business risk: Manage it, ignore it, or outsource it?

Business risk is a part of doing business. But whether that risk turns ugly and becomes a catastrophe depends chiefly…

4 months ago

Amnesty International experiences state-sponsored cyberattack

Amnesty International appears to be the latest human-rights organization hit by a state-sponsored cyberattack launched by an aggressive government.

4 months ago