Hacking & Cyberattacks

8 risks that cybersecurity insurance can manage or mitigate

As cyberattacks become more common and more expensive to recover from, companies are considering cybersecurity insurance as part of their…

2 days ago

Chips are down: PokerTracker.com hit by Magecart hackers

Users of the popular PokerTracker.com site are getting way more than they bet on thanks to a vulnerability that opened…

2 days ago

Texas governments hit by multiple ransomware attacks

Texas has become the latest victim of ransomware attacks targeting local governments or agencies. It’s unclear who’s behind this attack…

5 days ago

Fade to black: Is white-hat hacking education being banned?

White-hat hacking is an essential part of IT training, but it may be kneecapped by a movement to ban the…

2 weeks ago

The cybersecurity 80/20 rule: 5 steps that will repel most attacks

Not all cybersecurity risks are created equal. The cybersecurity 80/20 rule means prioritizing resources toward risks that could cause the…

2 weeks ago

7 of the worst small business cybersecurity mistakes

By avoiding these small business cybersecurity mistakes, you can strengthen your defenses, lower the risk of getting hacked, and safeguard…

3 weeks ago

Top cybersecurity threats for the rest of 2019 — and beyond

Cybercriminals are getting smarter, so you must get smarter, too. These latest cybersecurity threats are trending — and not in…

3 weeks ago

Business email compromise attacks on the rise: FinCEN

A new report by a U.S. agency shows business email compromise attacks are on the rise, with companies that conduct…

3 weeks ago

Why mission-critical encryption remains a must for IT security

Many processes, procedures, and technologies can be used to protect mission-critical enterprise data. None is as effective as mission-critical encryption.

3 weeks ago

Louisiana declares state of emergency after cyberattack

In the latest cyberattack against a government, Louisiana has been forced to declare a state of emergency after a cybersecurity…

4 weeks ago