Hacking & Cyberattacks

Norwegian Cruise Line experiences data breach of travel agents records

Travel agents who have worked with Norwegian Cruise Line should take note. Your information is now being used by cybercriminals.

1 week ago

Got remote workers? 8 telecommuting technology risks you must know

In technology, what you don’t know will come back to bite you. That’s why you should be aware of these…

2 weeks ago

World Health Organization targeted in cyberespionage attack

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the global fight against COVID-19, must divert resources to fight off a…

2 weeks ago

How businesses must respond to the cybersecurity skill gap

The scale of the cybersecurity skill gap notwithstanding, organizations must use different human resource strategies to ensure they survive a…

4 weeks ago

Spear-phishing email results in U.S. gas pipeline ransomware attack

A spear-phishing email has resulted in a U.S. gas pipeline ransomware attack. Making the attack worse: The IT and OT…

1 month ago

MGM Resorts customer data breach still being utilized by hackers

Data stolen from breaches often live on forever, as appears to be the case with millions of records from the…

1 month ago

Cyber-extortion scheme targets Google AdSense users

A cyber-extortion scam targeting Google’s AdSense users is making waves. Here are the facts that will help you rest easy…

2 months ago

Mobile banking users attacked in SMS phishing campaign

An SMS phishing campaign is targeting users of some of the biggest banks in North America. The attack has been…

2 months ago

Cybersecurity risks facing legacy industrial control systems

Twenty-five years is ancient history in the world of IT. And outdated industrial control systems still in use are proving…

2 months ago

Endpoint security best practices and policies to mitigate risks

Failure to adequately secure endpoints can have catastrophic results. Here’s a look at the most important endpoint security best practices.

2 months ago