Hacking & Cyberattacks

Credential stuffing: Everything you need to know to avoid being a victim

Credential stuffing is yet another weapon being used by cybercriminals. Here’s what credential stuffing is — and how you can…

3 days ago

Shiny Hunters hacking group breach Home Chef database

The Shiny Hunters hacking group has struck again. This time they hit meal-prep delivery company Home Chef, and millions of…

1 month ago

Microsoft warns of COVID-19-related spear-phishing campaign

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, and as Microsoft researchers have discovered, neither are dangerous spear-phishing emails related to…

1 month ago

Best patch management tools to keep remote devices updated

Administering remote devices can be a headache for IT pros. But with these patch management tools, you can update remote…

1 month ago

Microsoft's GitHub account breached by threat actors Shiny Hunters

The new hacking group Shiny Hunters is trying to gain media attention. They’ve certainly accomplished that with a breach of…

1 month ago

World Health Organization experiences credential leaks during cyberattack

Criminals focus on what is most present in the global population’s mind, so it’s no surprise the World Health Organization…

2 months ago

For your information: Why your business needs a CISO

A growing number of enterprises are contemplating hiring a chief information security officer. But how do you know whether your…

2 months ago

Nintendo confirms thousands of gamer accounts compromised

What many gamers who use the Nintendo Network suspected is true: Nintendo confirmed that 160,000 user accounts were compromised.

2 months ago

Android malware Banker.BR Trojan targets users via phishing messages

A new Android malware dubbed Banker.BR is targeting Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Spread through a phishing campaign, it is able…

2 months ago

Phishing attack targeting remote workers’ Skype credentials

Use Skype for your remote work? Hackers are looking to lift your Skype credentials via an especially convincing phishing attack

2 months ago