Hacking & Cyberattacks

CISA alert: Federal agency ‘compromised by malicious cyber actor’

An ominous alert from CISA: A federal agency was the victim of a cyberattack that resulted in the installation of…

4 weeks ago

Mozi botnet behind massive spike in IoT device attacks

The Mozi botnet appears to be another unintended consequence of people spending more time at home — and using more…

1 month ago

See the light: How to avoid webcam hacking

With so many employees video conferencing from home, the webcam may be a portal to disaster. Webcam hacking is real…

1 month ago

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs experiences data breach

A successful cyberattack initiated by a social engineering campaign has caused a data breach at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

1 month ago

Chrome remote execution vulnerability uncovered by Cisco Talos

Google Chrome users should patch their browser if they have not yet done so to close a just-uncovered remote execution…

2 months ago

Former Uber security chief charged in 2016 hack cover-up

The 2016 hack of Uber has resulted in charges against the company’s former chief security officer, who is alleged to…

2 months ago

MSSPs: Why managed security service providers are crucial for SMBs

Managed security service providers were considered the preserve of the world’s largest organizations. That is changing as MSSPs for SMBs…

2 months ago

Diebold Nixdorf ATMs targeted by jackpotting attacks

ATM manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf says its European machines are being hit by jackpotting attacks, where hackers try to get the…

3 months ago

Blackbaud data breach after ransomware attack hits universities, nonprofits

Blackbaud, a cloud services provider focused on the education sector and nonprofits, suffered a data breach after being hit by…

3 months ago

Social media as a tool for malware propagation, cybercrime, and data loss

Social networking platforms have become a key battleground in the fight against social media malware, cybercrime, and data loss.

3 months ago