University of Utah hit by ransomware attack, pays ransom

The University of Utah has become another educational institution affected by ransomware. In this case, they paid the ransom.

2 months ago

HTML smuggling attack sends malicious files to users

A new and complex type of HTML smuggling attack called Duri uses HTML5 or JavaScript to deliver malicious files to…

2 months ago

Machine learning security tools: The good guys strike back

With cyberattacks growing in strength and number, it’s good to know there are machine learning security tools fighting back against…

5 months ago

Android malware Banker.BR Trojan targets users via phishing messages

A new Android malware dubbed Banker.BR is targeting Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Spread through a phishing campaign, it is able…

6 months ago

MonitorMinor stalkerware: Dangerous new Android malware

Stalkerware has been on the rise for a while, but MonitorMinor threatens to take this type of spyware to new…

7 months ago

Malicious coronavirus app spread via router hijacking

Hackers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to unleash malware. The latest scam uses router hijacking to install a…

7 months ago

WordPress security flaw forces redirect to malicious websites

It’s been a bad month for Web publishing platform WordPress. Another security flaw, which directs users to malicious websites has…

9 months ago

Raccoon Stealer malware newest business email compromise attack

A simple yet versatile malware called Raccoon Stealer that bypasses anti-spam filters looks like it is going to be a…

11 months ago

8 telltale signs your system has been infiltrated by spyware

While most spyware is software-based, concerns are also being raised about hardware-based spyware, which is much more difficult to detect.

1 year ago

Google Play Store removes fake ad blockers downloaded by millions

Google Play Store removed two fake ad blockers used by millions worldwide, the latest example of malicious apps found on…

1 year ago