Windows PC utility ‘G-Cleaner’ a front for malware

G-Cleaner is just one example of many third-party applications that prove how easily people are duped into downloading malware.

10 months ago

Murderous malware: Can a computer virus turn deadly?

Computer viruses run the gamut from annoying mischief to catastrophic financial outcomes. But can there ever be something as deadly…

10 months ago

eGobbler iOS malvertising campaign uses Chrome zero-day

A destructive malvertising campaign dubbed “eGobbler” leverages a zero-day exploit in the Chrome browser to attack iOS users.

10 months ago

Counter-Strike video game becomes a part of botnet

Counter-Strike players may be getting more than they bargained for. A new report says gamers of the online shooter may…

11 months ago

Aluminum giant Norsk Hydro experiences serious ransomware attack

Aluminum producing giant Norsk Hydro is dealing with major disruptions in production and falling share price in the wake of…

11 months ago

North Country Business Products hack affects several other companies

North Country Business Products, a large provider of POS services, has revealed a major breach of security that is affecting…

12 months ago

Trickbot malware updated to seek remote desktop credentials

The Trickbot banking Trojan is not a new malware, but a new recently discovered variant attacks remote application credentials.

12 months ago

Separ malware phishing campaign targets businesses

Separ malware is being utilized in a phishing campaign to target the credentials of businesses in a simple but incredibly…

12 months ago

Google says it’s bolstered its defenses against Play Store malicious apps

The Google Play Store has been in the news way too often in connection with malicious apps that end up…

12 months ago

Cryptojacking applications discovered in Microsoft Store

If you downloaded certain apps from the Microsoft Store recently, you may be unwittingly a pawn in a cryptojacking scheme.

1 year ago