Mobile & Wireless Security

Android cryptomining botnet is the new bad kid on the block

A newly found Android cryptomining botnet that uses a vulnerability to spread malware via SSH has InfoSec researchers alarmed.

2 months ago

How smartphones are changing enterprise security

Businesses have a love-hate relationship with smartphones. They add convenience but multiply enterprise security problems. Is there a workable solution?

2 months ago

A win for privacy: Tor Project releases Android browser full version

Privacy-minded Android users have a lot to be excited about with the new Tor browser release. Here’s more about the…

3 months ago

eGobbler iOS malvertising campaign uses Chrome zero-day

A destructive malvertising campaign dubbed “eGobbler” leverages a zero-day exploit in the Chrome browser to attack iOS users.

4 months ago

Key mobile security challenges: Definitive guide for busy tech leaders

Robust mobile security is not only for smartphones but also for portable devices such as laptops and wearables that can…

4 months ago

Google introduces Adiantum encryption for Android devices

If AES encryption is not supported by your Android device, Google’s new Adiantum encryption may be your best bet to…

6 months ago

Google says it’s bolstered its defenses against Play Store malicious apps

The Google Play Store has been in the news way too often in connection with malicious apps that end up…

6 months ago

A boost for anonymity: Tor browser for Android unveiled

The Tor browser, a staple for desktop Internet users who want to remain anonymous, is finally available in an alpha…

11 months ago

Android kiosk mode: Google’s new mobile device enterprise strategy

Some businesses have avoided mobile devices over worries about security and distracted employees. Android Kiosks may be the answer.

12 months ago

Compliance confusion: What does GDPR mean for mobile data?

The GDPR has been on the books for a few months, but its long tentacles are still being felt. If…

1 year ago