Mobile & Wireless Security

Android kiosk mode: Google’s new mobile device enterprise strategy

Some businesses have avoided mobile devices over worries about security and distracted employees. Android Kiosks may be the answer.

1 year ago

Compliance confusion: What does GDPR mean for mobile data?

The GDPR has been on the books for a few months, but its long tentacles are still being felt. If…

2 years ago

New Android malware: MysteryBot banking Trojan the latest headache for researchers

Yet another dangerous malware is threatening the financial sector. The MysteryBot banking Trojan has not been fully unleashed yet, but…

2 years ago

Roaming Mantis malware expands its reach, grows in strength

Roaming Mantis malware is a nasty critter that performs DNS hijacking as its main method of infection. Unfortunately, the malware…

2 years ago

Fake Fortnite app tricks Android users into downloading malware

Android users downloading what they think is an official version of the hugely popular Fortnite are only getting a fake…

2 years ago

iOS sync vulnerability in iTunes allows cybercriminal access

Researchers have found a new iOS sync vulnerability tied to a function within iTunes’ WiFi Sync. If this vulnerability is…

2 years ago

Google ejects multiple malicious apps from its Play Store

Same story, different day. The Google Play Store has once again had to remove multiple malicious apps after they were…

2 years ago

Outsiders using your company’s business WiFi network? Here’s what to do

Your business WiFi network is on the radar of evil geniuses — and cheap neighbors. These Wi Fi security aspects…

2 years ago

Mobile security threats that will cause you sleepless nights in 2018

Mobile devices are not only for personal use anymore. They are a vital part of every company. But they can…

2 years ago

Skygofree malware poses serious danger to Android users

Skygofree malware, which can eavesdrop on WhatsApp messages and steal private data from phones, is the latest threat Android users…

2 years ago