Americold taken down by likely ransomware attack

Cold-storage provider Americold, one of nation's oldest companies, has been hobbled what many experts say appears to be a ransomware…

7 days ago

Ransom payment after ransomware attacks: Yes or no?

If you are hit by ransomware, you have a choice to make: Make the ransom payment or not. The decision…

3 weeks ago

A new weapon in the never-ending battle against ransomware

Business haven't managed to completely safeguard themselves against the growing tide of ransomware attacks. But this new online tool might…

3 weeks ago

European power giant Enel hit by ransomware gang Netwalker

European power giant Enel Group has been hit by a ransomware attack. It’s the latest in a string of cyberattacks…

3 weeks ago

Ryuk ransomware hits multiple hospitals simultaneously

Ryuk ransomware has been busy. The dangerous malware has been unleashed on several hospitals, a despicable act in this time…

4 weeks ago

European IT giant Sopra Steria hit by ransomware attack

Even IT companies are not immune from hackers. The French IT giant Sopra Steria learned the hard way and is…

1 month ago

OldGremlin hacker group targets Russian companies with ransomware

There is no honor among thieves: The Russia-based OldGremlin hacking group is breaking all the rules by attacking Russian companies…

2 months ago

Government software provider Tyler Technologies hit by ransomware attack

Tyler Technologies, a major provider of emergency management and election-sharing data used by governments, is dealing with a major ransomware…

2 months ago

Garmin suffers major outage, ransomware attack suspected

A major outage that has affected GPS fitness technology company Garmin for several days has all the earmarks of a…

4 months ago

Hakbit ransomware campaign targeting specific European countries

The newly uncovered Hakbit ransomware campaign spread via spear-phishing emails may indicate a shift in the attack methodology of cybercriminals.

5 months ago