Hakbit ransomware campaign targeting specific European countries

The newly uncovered Hakbit ransomware campaign spread via spear-phishing emails may indicate a shift in the attack methodology of cybercriminals.

2 weeks ago

LA County city Torrance experiences DoppelPaymer ransomware attack

The DoppelPaymer ransomware attack against Torrance, Calif., is the latest in an increasing line of hacking incidents against municipalities.

3 months ago

IT services provider Cognizant hit by Maze ransomware

Maze ransomware, not only encrypts files but also makes a copy of them, which puts the victim in a terrible…

3 months ago

Ransomware recap: Welcome to the never-ending nightmare

A new report confirms what many companies and individuals learned firsthand — ransomware was a nightmare in 2019. What does…

4 months ago

Spear-phishing email results in U.S. gas pipeline ransomware attack

A spear-phishing email has resulted in a U.S. gas pipeline ransomware attack. Making the attack worse: The IT and OT…

5 months ago

Maryland introduces bill to outlaw ransomware possession

While it may seem like a no-brainer, only a few U.S. states have passed laws to outlaw possession of ransomware.…

6 months ago

Hospital system pays ransomware hackers: Did it make the right choice?

After being hit by ransomware hackers, New Jersey’s biggest hospital health system paid the attackers to get their files back.…

7 months ago

NextCry: New ransomware encrypting Nextcloud files

A new ransomware known as NextCry has surfaced affecting NextCloud file-sharing software. The lesson yet again: beware — and back…

8 months ago

Texas governments hit by multiple ransomware attacks

Texas has become the latest victim of ransomware attacks targeting local governments or agencies. It’s unclear who’s behind this attack…

11 months ago

Lights out: Johannesburg City Power hit by ransomware attack

Cities and utilities are increasingly becoming victims of ransomware. Case-in-point: This attack on a South Africa power company.

12 months ago