Social Engineering

Fake tech support scams and how to deal with them

Yes, even an experienced tech writer like our intrepid reporter can fall for a fake tech support scam. Here’s what…

12 months ago

Why social engineering works — and what you can do to fight back

Social engineering attacks are not new. They exist and persist because they work. But there are ways to defend yourself…

1 year ago

DanaBot Trojan targets banking customers with phishing campaign

Banking Trojans are go-to malware for hackers looking to score a quick buck. DanaBot, which targets banking customers, is the…

1 year ago

Fake WannaCry email threats extorting money from victims

With such a high profile incident like WannaCry, it is a reality that cybercriminals will try to leverage the paranoia…

1 year ago

Olympic Destroyer attackers back with a vengeance, eye bigger targets

Instead of laying low, the threat actors known as Olympic Destroyer are pursuing bigger targets with more aggressive measures.

1 year ago

Cybercriminals getting their kicks with malicious World Cup phishing campaign

Big events always kick cybercriminals into hyperdrive as they attempt to exploit innocent people. The current World Cup phishing campaign…

1 year ago

Social engineering attacks: How to defend against them and how to fight back

The best way to defend yourself against the criminal mind is to try and get inside it. An expert in…

1 year ago

Cyberwarfare: Pakistani military phishing campaign targets numerous governments

A new malware campaign aimed at several governments has been traced to the Pakistani military. This is not the first…

1 year ago

Banking Trojan Metamorfo targets Brazilians via ‘legitimate’ Windows components

A nasty banking Trojan dubbed Metamorfo uses “malspam” to exploit legitimate Windows components to make convincing phishing emails.

1 year ago

W-2 phishing scams on the rise

It’s tax season in America and cybercriminals want to cash in. The FBI says beware of phishing scams that use…

2 years ago