Windows Client Security

Microsoft: No more updates for OS using SHA-1 encryption

SHA-1 encryption was determined to be ineffective 14 years ago. Microsoft is finally taking steps to eliminate it once and…

1 year ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for December squashes some nasty bugs

You didn’t think Microsoft would forget you just because it’s the holiday season? The Microsoft Patch Tuesday for December has…

2 years ago

Windows Defender: From antivirus afterthought to multifaceted solution

Windows Defender has traditionally been an afterthought for antivirus and antimalware solutions. But after continual improvements, Defender may be ready…

2 years ago

Prevent cyberattacks with application whitelisting with Windows AppLocker

Want to keep nasty programs from running on your Windows computers? Application whitelisting with AppLocker is your key to making…

2 years ago

Microsoft as the largest security company in the world and its entry into Ransomware prevention

You may not have known this, but Microsoft is the largest security company in the world. Here's why.

3 years ago

Microsoft issues patch for critical Windows flaw

Microsoft has issued a fix for a critical Windows flaw. Left unpatched, the exploit is incredibly dangerous in the wrong…

3 years ago

Is Windows Defender finally on the right track?

Windows Defender has been vastly improved with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Is Microsoft’s built-in AV solution finally ready…

3 years ago

Zero-day exploit, numerous critical flaws patched in Microsoft September update

Microsoft’s September patch release is a real doozy, especially because of the danger posed by a zero-day exploit that targets…

3 years ago

Tightening up Windows 10 security settings

Windows 10 security settings are strong out of the box. But there are a few things that might poke a…

3 years ago

Windows Hello now works with Token for added security

Windows Hello will work with a biometric ring from Token, allowing users to forgo passwords and log in and authenticate…

3 years ago