Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Admin Center: A work in progress

Windows Admin Center, Microsoft’s “single pane of glass” for managing Windows servers, has a lot going for it. It still…

1 year ago

Help corner: Timeout problems when initiating an RDP session

If your attempts at initiating a new RDP session times out, this real-life troubleshooting story may provide you with some…

2 years ago

Purchasing servers and server hardware that lasts

When you spend for servers and server hardware, you are looking for products that will work — and work for…

2 years ago

Considerations when upgrading Active Directory schema to Windows Server 2016

If you want to use Active Directory schema attributes that shipped with Windows Server 2016 but are running earlier Windows…

2 years ago

Tips for IT pros who work with small businesses

Tips are like peanuts — it never hurts to have a bag of them to munch on. Here are some…

2 years ago

Managing Windows failover clusters using PowerShell

Here’s how to import Windows failover cluster PowerShell modules, which can help you easily perform your required failover clusters operation…

2 years ago

Managing Active Directory trusts in Windows Server 2016

Several Active Directory trusts are available in Windows Server 2016. Here’s how you can manage them using built-in tools.

2 years ago

Setting up Active Directory using PowerShell

Setting up Active Directory domain controllers using the PowerShell commands that ship with Active Directory PowerShell modules pretty easy. Here’s…

2 years ago

Need to reset users’ Active Directory passwords? Here are several ways to do it

Do you find yourself often needing to reset Active Directory passwords for your users? Here are some methods to make…

2 years ago

Apple, meet orange: The power of cross-platform PowerShell

Managing Linux, Mac, and Windows in your environment is now almost as easy as mixing apples and oranges. The key…

2 years ago