Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform simplifies continuous delivery

Spinnaker, an open source multicloud continuous delivery platform developed by Google and Netflix, is now available as a solution on Google Cloud Platform. Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform lets you install Spinnaker in GCP with just a couple of clicks. Then you can start creating those pipelines for continuous delivery right away.

Additionally, Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform allows users to integrate Spinnaker with other services in Google Cloud. This basically allows you to extend CI/CD pipelines while also integrating security and compliance features.

Companies including Box, Cisco, and Samsung have already started using Spinnaker to create their deployments. If you already use Spinnaker using the Halyard tool to manage installations, you can migrate to Spinnaker for GCP now. Here are some of the biggest benefits for users of Spinnaker for GCP.

How Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform simplifies continuous delivery

The biggest benefit of Spinnaker, in general, is that it gives development teams the ability to easily adopt continuous integration and delivery models to identify problems and correct them early in the development process. With Spinnaker for GCP, customers can set up the tool in a production-ready environment more quickly and easily than before. And it’s optimized for GCP.

Secure installation

In fact, installing Spinnaker for GCP only takes one click. The tool supports one-click HTTPS configuration using the Cloud Identity Aware Proxy. This tool also lets users control exactly who can access the Spinnaker installation, so you can keep the process extra secure.

Automatic backups with Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform

You also don’t need to worry about losing any of your data during the installation process. The configuration is automatically backed up securely, which means you can always access it if needed for auditing or fast recovery.

Integrated auditing and monitoring

To simplify monitoring, troubleshooting, and auditing of changes or deployments, users can easily integrate Spinnaker with Stackdriver within the GCP platform.

Simplified maintenance

Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform includes many tools to help you simplify and automate your installations. You can even configure Spinnaker to deploy to new GKE clusters and GCE or GAE within your other GCP projects.

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