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T-Suite Podcast: Keep your app close and your traffic faster

I work wherever there is an Internet connection. Sometimes that connection is inferior and sometimes it is excellent, but generally, that performance does not impact my work.

However, I do have clients that require me to VPN to their network or do work over a remote desktop connection. Frequently, the servers I connect to are across the country and not at some nearby location. That means when I connect — even with a high-speed Internet connection — the response times from the remote servers can be incredibly slow. The good news is I rarely have to do a significant amount of work on them, but when I do, my emotional state can go from chipper and upbeat to highly agitated.

At some point in your career, you probably had to connect to a remote location from an even more remote physical location. If you have, you know of what I speak. For me, the worst-case scenarios are typing and then waiting for my words to display three seconds later and opening and working with documents.

For others, that slow app speed can result in the lack of access to critical apps you use to complete your job. App developers may lose their clients due to a lack of speed and performance. If your business requires enterprise applications like Office 365, the user experience for downloading a large document should feel as seamless as pulling a file from a shared drive.

In today’s T-Suite Podcast, I speak with Mark Casey, chief executive officer of Apcela. Apcela’s products help enterprises deliver the fastest network speed along with a high-performance connected application delivery platform.
Mark talks about how IT organizations and application developers should think through the design of their infrastructure to deliver highly performant solutions to their customers.

You can find Apcela here and on Twitter.

Special thanks to Jennifer Handshew from 180 Marketing Communications for introducing me to Mark.

Bill Raymond

Bill Raymond is a Microsoft MVP. As a contributor to TechGenix, he focuses on topics that directly affect IT, with a focus on cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.

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