active directory

Automating Active Directory tasks with PowerShell

Active Directory administration can be a drag. A much better approach is to use PowerShell for automating Active Directory jobs.

7 months ago

Spring cleaning: Collect AD stale accounts and move them to an OU

If your Active Directory is getting cluttered with stale accounts, it’s time to do some spring cleaning — and here’s…

11 months ago

Making sure Active Directory administrative security groups are secured

To keep your system safe and secure, it is necessary to perform security checks on administrative security groups. Here’s an…

11 months ago

The challenges of supporting Mac computers in a workplace

Users love their Macs and frequently favor them over Windows PCs. On the other hand, supporting Mac computers can be…

1 year ago

Journey to the Microsoft cloud: Simplifying your hybrid identity solution

Azure admins — and Microsoft — are moving toward a hybrid identity solution for authentication. Here’s a tutorial how to…

2 years ago

Avoid traffic jams with Microsoft’s Windows Server QoS Policy

What happens when different forms of network traffic compete with each other? To prevent such congestion from occurring on your…

2 years ago

Active Directory modernization: A practical framework to begin the journey

Business continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and traditional models for implementing Active Directory may no longer be optimal.…

2 years ago

How to: Interforest migration using Active Directory Migration Tool

In this second part of our two-part series on using the Active Directory Migration Tool, we’ll look at how to…

2 years ago

Troubleshooting Active Directory replication issues

Here’s how you can check your Active Directory replication status and troubleshoot any replication issues that you may find.

2 years ago

Need to reset users’ Active Directory passwords? Here are several ways to do it

Do you find yourself often needing to reset Active Directory passwords for your users? Here are some methods to make…

2 years ago