T-Suite Podcast: Content at the speed of Agile with Meredith Volk

There are many reasons for implementing the Agile method. In today’s T-Suite Podcast, we talk with Meredith Volk, who gives…

1 year ago

DevOps, Agile, and continuous delivery: What IT leaders need to know

DevOps breaks down the walls separating software development and delivery operations, making it the perfect bridge between Agile and continuous…

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Taking Microsoft Planner for a spin in an Agile environment

More and more businesses are adopting Agile planning for small and medium-size projects. That is where Microsoft Planner comes in.

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How to upload your open-source projects to GitHub with Visual Studio

If you have an open-source project and you want to share your code with others, here’s how to upload it…

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Up and running with Git in Visual Studio [Video]

Before you can use Git with your Visual Studio project, you need to know how to get it set up.…

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Don't let Agile ruin a quality culture

Agile helps developers get their software to market faster. But faster is not going to be better if you don’t…

4 years ago