Artificial intelligence

How technology is protecting frontline workers during COVID-19

Technology doesn’t just help keep us informed about COVID-19. It also helps frontline workers do their jobs better and more…

2 months ago

BI and AI: Why businesses will soon need both to succeed

BI and AI are of vast importance for any business whose owners want to stay ahead of the competition. And…

9 months ago

Google Cloud, ServiceNow announce new integrations

A new partnership between Google Cloud and ServiceNow makes digital workflows faster and more efficient, especially for IT operations.

1 year ago

8 business communication technology trends that talk the talk

When you break it down, the fuel that powers all businesses is communication. These hot business communication technologies are more…

1 year ago

AI, machine learning, and deep learning: What they are and how they differ

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are terms often used interchangeably. But it’s crucial to understand the nuances before you…

3 years ago

7 lessons from the Equifax breach: Insights from a former US cybersecurity czar

What do we learn from the Equifax breach? Quite a lot, according to experts who attended the annual conference of…

3 years ago

Rocket fuel: Combining cloud computing and AI creates an explosive force for growth

Cloud computing and AI are merging, creating an explosive mixture that will fuel growth. Here’s a peek into the near…

3 years ago

How AI apps for banks are changing the face of the financial sector

AI apps for banks are revolutionizing the financial sector. Here’s some factors why banking is a highly targeted market for…

3 years ago

AI algorithms: New frontier or legal quagmire?

Will the increasing incorporation of AI algorithms into technology lead us toward a better life or bury us in endless…

3 years ago

Microsoft creates dedicated AI team with 5K+ scientists and engineers

Thousands are banding together at the Microsoft office to realize the future of artificial intelligence.

4 years ago