Competing vendors have AWS cloud in their cross-hairs

When you get big, you’ve got a bullseye on your back. AWS cloud is the biggest, and there are a…

2 months ago

Spring cleaning: Collect AD stale accounts and move them to an OU

If your Active Directory is getting cluttered with stale accounts, it’s time to do some spring cleaning — and here’s…

5 months ago

How the battle for cloud supremacy is shaping up for 2019 and beyond

The pace of warfare is accelerating as the battle for cloud supremacy heats up. Here’s a snapshot of how things…

10 months ago

Cities increasingly in the crosshairs of ransomware attacks

Major cities are increasingly the targets of hackers who believe governments are easy prey for ransomware attacks. There are ways,…

1 year ago

Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition: What it means for you

Microsoft's GitHub acquisition was greeted with disdain by many in the open source world. But is the suspicion in the…

1 year ago

CoreOS Tectonic 1.8 further simplifies Kubernetes management

Enterprises large and small want to use Kubernetes to orchestrate its containers and no one knows how. This is where…

2 years ago

Containers vs. virtual machines: After a tough 2017, can VMware rebound in 2018?

With the explosive growth of containers in 2017, VMware is forced to find new ways to sustain its growth. What…

2 years ago

Cloud pricing wars getting more fierce

Throughout 2017, cloud vendors announced pricing updates as each tried to capture market share. What does this aggressive cloud pricing…

2 years ago

Alibaba Cloud looms over its American rivals

The meteoric rise of Alibaba Cloud, combined with the sheer power of the China economy, makes it a real threat…

2 years ago

Nested virtualization now available in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has added the ability to enable nested virtualization to Azure to effectively assist with testing, training, and more.

2 years ago