bug bounty

Google hikes payouts on Chrome bug-bounty program

In an attempt to make its products safer, Google is enticing the best and brightest with higher payouts in its…

2 months ago

Google bug bounty program expanded to target abuse, fraud, and spam

The Google bug bounty program has paid out millions. This new expansion, which targets abuse, fraud, and spam, is going…

1 year ago

Netflix bug bounty program expanded, payouts increased

A new public Netflix bug bounty program opens vulnerability searching to all white hats and increases the payouts for successful…

1 year ago

New Microsoft bug bounty program looks to swat Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities

After Spectre and Meltdown, the tech world needed to develop a strategy to fight the root cause. The new Microsoft…

1 year ago

Google Play bug bounty aims to restore trust after malware incidents

After embarrassing incidents where malware has been found in the Google Play Store, a Google Play bug bounty program with…

2 years ago

DHS bug bounty program? It could happen, even in a divided Congress

A bipartisan bill from U.S. senators is seeking to create a DHS bug bounty program. Even in a divided Congress,…

2 years ago

U.S. Army bug bounty a success, but can it continue?

The U.S. Army’s bug-bounty program found vulnerabilities that could have caused havoc. Can this cooperation between the government and white…

3 years ago

DoD establishes new and pricey bug bounty program

DoD bug bounty program is upping the monetary rewards and exploring new territory.

3 years ago

Free cash: Apple enters bug bounty sweepstakes

Many technology companies offer bug bounty programs to help them find vulnerabilities in their product. The biggest tech company of…

3 years ago

Microsoft comes late to the bug bounty party, and Oracle chooses not to come at all

Microsoft was late to the bug bounty party but the company’s program is now going gangbusters.

3 years ago