cloud computing

Flight plans: What really drives businesses to the cloud

The skies are getting crowded with businesses flocking to the cloud. What are the reasons behind this seemingly unstoppable trend?

1 week ago

On-premises backup for cloud data and cloud infrastructure protection

On-premises backup is a down-to-earth solution for backing up your cloud data – especially for those with a healthy paranoia…

3 weeks ago

Software-defined perimeter solutions: Why this is the future of security

Traditional VPNs are showing their age in the modern cloud-powered workplace. That’s why software-defined perimeter solutions are in your future.

4 weeks ago

Competing vendors have AWS cloud in their cross-hairs

When you get big, you’ve got a bullseye on your back. AWS cloud is the biggest, and there are a…

2 months ago

Prepare for the inevitable: Incident response plan to phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and every business is a prime target. Do you have an incident response plan…

3 months ago

How to minimize downtime and deliver highly available apps

Downtime is a vexing problem in today’s rapidly growing digital world. Here are pointers for you to minimize downtime and…

3 months ago

Use Azure management groups to govern permissions and policies

Azure Management Groups can put your global access controls and policies in a central location. Here’s a step-by-step guide to…

4 months ago

Cloud networking: Critical decisions when migrating from on-premises

Going from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud? Handling cloud networking the right way is critical when organizations finally make…

5 months ago

Hybrid cloud best practices: Everything you need to know

As you plan your trip to the cloud, there are many different products you can choose. Picking a hybrid cloud…

1 year ago

Blockchain technology for cloud storage: This looks like the future

Some believe that cryptocurrencies are another bubble waiting to burst, others see them as the future. What if we consider…

2 years ago