cloud monitoring

IBM and Splunk bolster their cloud DevOps monitoring capabilities

IBM and Splunk have been snapping up startups to bolster their DevOps monitoring offerings. Here’s what these giants see in…

4 weeks ago

5 hottest startups in the cloud and Kubernetes monitoring space

With microservices and containers firing away at speeds and scales incomprehensible to most humans, Kubernetes monitoring has taken on a…

5 months ago

Cloud visibility: Go beyond metrics and logs to see what’s going on

Logs and metrics give you an idea of what’s going on with your cloud-native apps, but dedicated cloud visibility solutions…

6 months ago

Monitoring multicloud apps: Solutions for better visibility

As organizations embrace several cloud solutions, monitoring multicloud apps becomes more important — and more difficult. But it’s not impossible.

9 months ago

5 effortless ways to cut your cloud computing costs

Want to cut your cloud computing costs? Of course you do. Here are five effortless and easy ways for you…

12 months ago

Sky’s the limit: Cloud computing momentum gathers steam

The cloud computing scenario is fast changing, and if you don’t keep up you will fall behind. Here are some…

4 years ago