cloud security

Cloud data breaches: How to protect yourself from becoming a victim

At a time when cloud data breaches are becoming more common, it takes a deliberate effort to secure your data…

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Urgent message to SMBs: Plug these cloud security gaps now

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Cloud security concerns? 5 key tips for enterprises

While many businesses have embraced the cloud, others have hesitated because of security concerns. Follow these tips and sleep easy.

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DevSecOps: Why security should be at the center of DevOps

Turning your DevOps team into a DevSecOps team entails adding security as part of every process. Here is why this…

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Keeping your cloud safe and secure

If you're thinking of moving some of your infrastructure into the cloud, you need to think carefully about how you're…

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Cloud computing checklist: Top 10 questions to ask before moving to the cloud

If you are considering cloud computing, ask these questions from your service provider to make sure they meet the criteria…

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