cloud storage

OneDrive: A lot more than simply a place to store your files

Think of OneDrive only as the place where you store files? There’s much more, including ransomware protections, monitoring, recovery, and…

8 months ago

Cloudian’s hot ‘hybrid storage’ technology catches investors’ eyes

Enterprise storage provider Cloudian is at the right place at the right time and has attracted interest from investors. Find…

1 year ago

Top cloud computing predictions for 2018: Opportunities and challenges

The cloud will still be a major story as we head through 2018. Let’s gaze into our crystal ball for…

2 years ago

Blockchain technology for cloud storage: This looks like the future

Some believe that cryptocurrencies are another bubble waiting to burst, others see them as the future. What if we consider…

2 years ago

Hottest data management trends that have grabbed enterprises' attention

Whatever the current buzzword or newest next big thing in IT is, it usually all comes down to data. Here…

3 years ago

Network storage solutions: DIY or off-the shelf?

When local storage is preferred over the cloud, you have a choice: buy an off-the-shelf solution or build your own.…

3 years ago

CloudFanta malware is infecting SugarSync cloud users

Newly discovered CloudFanta spear phishing malware is bad news for users of the cloud service SugarSync.

3 years ago